Bella Veifalse advertising

I purchased bellavei product (Soleil glo) on 17 may 2017 that was advertised at r349 but when the transaction was complete, I received an sms from my bank stating that an amount of r2007 had been deducted.

I immediately contacted them by live chat to cancel the transaction. I was told by ethan that it had already been shipped. What bull!! How can it be shipped already when the transaction was only done minutes before. I told him that they are falsely advertising the price and he told me to read the terms and conditions. There were no terms and conditions available to read?? No telephone number to phone either.

I now note from other complaints that I am not the only unsuspecting purchaser to experience this problem, and they state that they still have not received the goods they purchased.

I want a full refund of the money deducted from my account - non negotiable.

How long is this company going to get away such unethical behavior.

Can the consumer council in this country not shut this company's website down???

Please do something about unethical companies!!

May 18, 2017

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