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Bell ExpressVu / cancellation of services

1 sudbury ottawa, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I was living in sudbury on a work contract from september 2008 to march 2009. During this time I was recieving service from Bell Expressvu. My work contract ended and I cancelled the Expressvu service. I was aware that I would be charged a penatly for terminating the services early.
I was told that I would be sent a "return kit" in the mail within 30 days of the termination date (april 11 2009). I have not received any such kit, the date being may 11 2009. I have spoken at great length on the telephone with various employees of Bell, all of whom have a different story about what has happened. Originaly I was told this "kit" would take 30 days to get to me. The conversation I had with employee # 51276 today May 11 2009 stated I would receive this "kit" within 5-7 days. I was also informed that I had purchased the receiver and at the same time was paying a rental charge.
The absolute incompetence of Bell Expressvu employees is remarkable. I don't know whether to feel sorry for them or to scream at them. One would think there must be some sort of unified information system in place at a company as big as Bell.
The outcome of todays conversation with employee # 51276 stands as such : I will receive this "kit" within 5-7 days, I have a credit owed to me from Bell which will be payed, I will receive a document stating I have not been charged the purchase cost of this receiver and that the rental charge ended April 11 2009 nor will I be charged down the road for this.
Will Bell see this through ?? I doubt it. If they don't however I will be forced to take other action to see it through myself.

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      3rd of Jun, 2010
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    We had Bell TV, in NB, from the spring of 2008 until Oct'09 when we lost all signals. We stared at a black screen, on our new TV, showing a box searching for a transponder, for several days. We called Bell everyday, several times a day, to get this rectified. We went through all the motions everytime, with one of their people via telephone, in the end, they would send us a signal and it might work for an hour or two before losing it again. We were told it was because of bad weather in Ont., it was our TV (a newly purchased Sony), the wiring in our house, and on and on, always being told we would get a credit for the 'no service', but we still had to pay the monthly bill or it would blacken our credit rating. Finally after a couple of weeks of this, we called in to a disconnect, there was no TV service and obviously wasn't being rectified. We still had to give 30 days notice of 'service disconnection'. We asked to downgrade our channels to basic for that final month, no reception anyway, and were told we couldn't as we given notice to disconnect. Already dealing with cancer & heart surgery, we decided not to argue and pay for another month of NO TV SERVICE, plus we had been told we would get credit for the time without TV, which would endd up a "zero balance owing" bill. That was in October'09. We received a call from Bell asking us to give them another chance as they could rectify the situation, we would receive a credit for the period of time with no TV, we would be under no contract, and the 'early disconnection fee' would be waived. The TV came in for less than 3 days and then gone again. We called again and informed them that we no longer desired services they couldn't obviously couldn't render . We were told we would receive a box to mail back the equipment. That never appeared, so we called them back and were told they didn't send one out and we were to drop the items off at their designated dealer (another business name) here. I did that, fortunately received a signed paper stating this. We even paid their bills, even though we had no service up until we were able to return the equipment on Dec.18. That was almost 3 months for TV service we never had as we were under threat of blackening our credit rating. We were then billed in Jan/2010 for early disconnection fee, $200. Called them again reminding them that we were not on contract, again we were reassured that this would all be cleared up on the 'next statement'. Next month we are still being billed for digital TV and for not returning the equipment. I called them again informing them that I had a signed return slip acknowledging the equipment return. I was again told I would get a credit on my next bill showing a zero balance. I called again and was told that because we went to another service provider in competition to them (Dec.18/09 as my husband likes TV & was home recuperating from open heart surgery), we would have to pay an early disconnection fee again ??? I guess once you get Bell TV, you are never allowed to have TV again unless it is from them, regardless of whether they can supply the service or not. They billed continued to bill us for monthly TV right up to March 2010. I kept calling back, always getting 'call centers', and always assured that it was taken care of and we would receive a statement showing a zero balance.I started trying to get their full name, or a number to contact someone who could do something about this situation. I called in the daytime to speak with accounting, always the same story. This is still happening today, June 2010, plus now they have their collection agency calling constantly demanding we pay for Bell TV. Plus this has been put on our credit rating!! I work from home, online doing medical transcription. This has not only upset me to no end due to the harrassing phone calls from their collection people who say they cannot access our account to verify what we are telling them and cannot contact Bell either. No one has a direct number, or a last name, to clear this up. No one cares about the effect to our credit rating or the phone ringing which causes a great distraction in my work. I am so distressed over this and they are laughing on the phone at me! They promise that they will email me confirmation of the correction showing that we will be creditted, and we get emailed a confirmation number showing no amount for anything, just an investigation which will take 4-6 weeks. Still the phone keeps ringing, day and night. Called again today, totally fed up as 2 calls were received during supper last night and we had guests. Fortunately the guests asked, 'Is that Bell?' They explained that they and many others had had the same battles and to call and demand to speak with a supervisor or someone in charge. That is when I found out these were call centers that I had been speaking with. Today again, Dianne (no last name or phone), a supervisor told the call center person that it will be rectified and I would promptly receive an email confirming this. That was 8 hrs. ago, since then I have been called by their collection department again and by Bell's recorded message requesting feedback on their services. I had my phone and internet switched to the new provider due to Bell's name appearing on the billing (Bell Aliant). I called Bell again asking where that email was, now it is not coming but "I can be assured that it has been rectified and my bill in July will show a zero balance." This has been going on for almost a year now. I thought there were laws against such devious cruelty and misrepresentation. I wonder how many of their targets are seniors, as my mother was. She ended up recycling her Bell dish for a bird-feeder and switched to Star Choice. I do feel that this company, Bell, should be investigated to ascertain how often, and how many of their former customers, have been harrassed into paying for services not received. We paid over $300 in hopes of stopping the ongoing stress it was creating. We received nothing in exchange for our money. Will we suffer for the rest of our senior years because we dealt with Bell initially? This is a horrible injustice to everyone. I hope it goes to court. I would like to know how a judge would render verdict on this. Are we liable to pay for services we didn't want or get? Are we damned to having endless phone calls, or the option of changing our telephone number which also would cause a lot more work on our part to notify all persons we deal with on both a business and personal basis? Is our credit rating to be blackened by a false accusation for the rest of our lives. Why are call centers so prominent on the east coast, it is a definite blemish on society. At one time we could deal with people who were actual employees of the company, now we deal with machines and call centers, or persons who have a limited command of our languages (French/English). It is both sad and frustrating what we, the average Canadian, has to deal with now. I will, and do tell people the truth when they ask about the Bell dish on my roof, and how I like their services. I shall continue to do so until Bell is faced with a reckoning with all their past clients who were put into our position, there is a revamping of their personnel and procedures. Until then, nothing will change, false promises and inability to provide the service they advertise will continue. BUYER BEWARE !!!

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