Beeton Veterinary Clinic / Misdiagnosis Resulting in Death

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Stay away from this vet! He is awful! He is rude, inconsiderate, and real scammer! I cannot believe someone like this can be a doctor and licenced!

He completely misdiagnosed that our dog was dying. He claimed it was plugged tear ducts when in fact his red blood platelet levels were low to nil and he was starting to bleed out internally. He vaccinated him which only sped up the process of him passing away.

I will always regret taking our dog there! So please stay away! I have contacted the College of Vets in Guelph. I won't let this man continue hurting animals!

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  • Ni
      22nd of Dec, 2010

    If you are successful at ending his carreer please make known the procedures for this. I have had a similiar inncident. Endlessly reseaching what branch of the government actually checks up on this practice. None. You are further ahead to in my opinion to not even vaccinate your pet. The only reason the industry exists is that Canadians love thier animals as members of the family some that is all they have.

    We blindly trust that we are doing the right thing and leaving them in trusting hands. We could not be more wrong.

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  • Ry
      22nd of Dec, 2010

    I've submitted a complaint to the Ontario College of Veterians.
    It's the best way to go... they do a full investigation. Ours is actually still in progress.

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  • Pa
      14th of Jul, 2011

    Not all veterinarians are scammers and practice poor medicine.! Just because you get one bad vet gives you no reason to hate the veterinary community all together. Just like humans, animals need health care to. Yes there are bad veterinarians out there, just as there are bad doctors. But MOST veterinarians are in the business to help pets, and their owners. The veterinary practise is not like human health care, it is not funded by the government, there for most people take it as a scamming business. I agree, some places are very high priced, but there nothing stopping owners from collecting quotes before they proceed. Any good veterinarian is in the profession to take good, quality care of pets. I am a veterinary technician and have worked with some amazing vets who have in a lot of cases taken on the charge of some of the expences all for the sake of the pet, because their owner simply can't afford it. I have also dealt with some VERY bad owners as well. ALWAYS do your research before being satisfied picking a veterinarian!

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  • Je
      11th of Aug, 2015

    I am sorry for the loss of your pet. I am uncertain of the time of your complaint (year) and whether Dr. Brar was the vet managing the clinic at that time. I do know there were many complaints about the previous managing veterinarian, but my experience with Dr. Brar has been nothing but exemplary. When I had our 3 puppies vaccinated we stayed to make sure there were no adverse effects afterwards. All puppies were fine so we went home. By the time I got home our one puppy was having an adverse reaction. Even though the office was about to close and it would take 45 minutes to get there he stayed and waited for us. He gave him a shot and relief came quickly. He told us what to get incase it ever happened again. It was also noted on puppies file so he received the shot prior to vaccinations. He called through out the evening and the next couple of days just to check in and see how he was doing. This is just one instance among many where he has gone above and beyond (this was on his own time. We were never charged. He just genuinely cared.

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  • Ry
      11th of Aug, 2015

    We lost our dog 5 years ago... and yes Dr. Brar was the vet there at the time. I have never forgiven him and we will never return. I would also never recommended him or the clinic to anyone. It only takes 1 instance of negligence to end a life... unfortunately it was my dog.

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  • Gi
      19th of Nov, 2015

    I had the EXACT same problem. my dog was dying and he misdiagnosed him. He told me it was an infection in his lungs. he kept my dog for 2 and a half hours to only tell me to bring him to the Newmarket animal hospital cause it was 5 and it was time for him to go home. he took my dogs blood and charged me $300 to bring to the hospital. once I got to the hospital they were confused to hear that I had my dogs blood. they told me they needed to take their own to test it right away. So I told them to do what they needed to do then find out my dog was bleed eternally and his organs were failing. at this point my dog was extremely ill and ended up passing away. I hope no one else has to experience what I went though. I lost my best friend because he wanted to keep my dog there for money but didn't want to perform anything that would go past his shift. why this guy can call himself a vet and not know what was going on with my dog or how to perform or test his blood right away confuses me. lets make sure no one else has to go though what we had to experience.

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  • Ki
      4th of Apr, 2016

    DO NOT BELIEVE THE PREVIOUS COMMENTS...I cannot say enough about this Vet. Our dog is sick with pancreatitis and he has done everything he could to help. He has given us guidance on making food at home, helping us with supplements to keep him healthy. He is a good man, and a very good, kind, thorough veterinarian. Our Grisham has had chronic pancreatitis for close to seven years now, and the Doctor had guided us in how to maintain his health. He praises us on how we have managed to keep our dog on top of his illness. THEN we adopted a rescue, a small pug mix, and the Doctor gave us so much guidance on how to integrate her into our family --- he also provided more information on her "history"... he estimated her age and confirmed that what we were told about her reproductive history was incorrect. He spayed her for us, and called us the very next morning to see if she was OK. When you bring your pet to this veterinarian you absolutely know that he loves animals... he is so very kind.

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