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As I was driving home I saw a small lost pup on the ground. He was cold, scared and boney. I picked him up and he had no tags. I figured he might have a micro chip and someone had lost him but seeing him the way he was, he could die soon.
I took it home, gave him water and search the phone book to find an open vet and came across this guy.
I go and tell them that I found a stray pup and it needed help.
Imediately Im glared at by the rude tech at the front desk and he tells me to 'SIT DOWN AND WAIT!!"
I waited 40 minutes and the puppy is crying.
Becker comes out and glares at me and the dog, I dont know why.
I go in the back with him and tell him the story. The whole time he's glaring at me.
"Oh thats bull.' He said.
'excuse me.'
'we all know that you are the reason he's like this, dont lie."
I told him my side of the story and he just blows me off an blames me for the puppies condition.
"you dont deserve this dog, youre the reason why dogs like these turn up dead. I ought to report you for animal abuse."
"You know what I dont need this."
As Im walking out he says 'give me the dog, it needs to be put to sleep.'
"no, Im taking it somewhere else." and I did. As Im leaving he picks up the phone to report me for animal negligence. All I did was pick up this small sick dog from the street and took it to find some professional help.
I took it to affordable pet care the next day.
I spoke to one of the techs there and told them how becker acted.
"oh he's like that. Thank goodness you brought him here." turns out he has a reputation for being a bad dr, every vet tech knows about his bad reputation.
The vet tech told me that when owners let him put the dogs to sleep, he tosses the bodies in dumpsters and doesnt properly dispose of the bodies.
Poor animals. I have filed a complaint. I also went online to find he had been sued for malpractice.
As of the dog, he's eating well, barking and walking.
Im should be thankful that becker was a D**khead b/c sparkles wouldnt be alive rightnow.

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  • Jo
      Aug 04, 2009

    My name John Quiroz. I operate as an office manager here at Becker Animal Hospital. We are here to provide the highest quality care available to our clients and their pets. We are here to service our clients.

    Upon review of the following complaint, the following rebuttal needed to be posted to accurately address the situation. The complaint posted by "blahblah" is entirely false. How we could accuse any individual who brings in a stray pet and hold them responsible for the pets condition is absurd and beyond me.

    We are required by state and local laws to properly dispose of biomedical and bio-hazardous waste according to their guide lines. We DO NOT toss bodies in our dumpsters as accused by "blahblah". This statement is entirely false and an attack on our ethics and standard procedures.

    Pet owners are welcome to come by our office anytime if there is a concern or condition that needs top be addressed. We do not accuse nor attack any individuals who come in seeking medical attention and/or advice for their pets. We never tell a client a pet has to be put to sleep. This decision is entirely up to the owner.

    We are available 7 days a week with late weekday hours and weekend hours to accomodate any and all who require medical service for thewir pets. We operate on a walk-in basis to assists as many people as we can. We send out well over 1 million coupons annually between 5 HEB locations and the YellowPages.

    We are currently building a state of the art hospital and pet resort to better serve all our clients and the greater San Antonio area come October 2009. Feel free to contact our office or visit our website for any questions or concerns you may have.

    Thank you,
    John Quiroz - Office Manager
    Becker Animal Hospital
    804 West Avenue
    San Antonio, TX 78201

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  • Je
      Jul 10, 2017

    @John Quiroz Bull crap. I have also had problems with your clinic and was blown off. I also just shared Jessica Pentecost FB post on what you all did to her dog Jelly Bean. People if you care about your pets don't take them to Becker!

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  • Ch
      Nov 09, 2010

    i have been going here for many yrs since they were on west ave. my dogs are very happy there and get excited everytime they go and now we have a new addition to the family. they treated her with such care during her surgery and assisted me over the phone with what to do about her weight loss after surgery. they have assisted me with one of my dogs having gerd over the phone. so they are not in it for the money. they love the pet resort too. sometimes they want to stay and they addore the staff. some people may take things out of perportion when they are unhappy. so please dont believe this story its sad

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  • Ke
      Jun 01, 2012

    I have taken my three dogs and two foster dogs to Becker. They have been nothing but courteous and professional. With everything, they have outlined all available options and pricing to make sure I was comfortable with it.

    Even one time, when I was having mild anxiety over one of my puppies' issues, I had left my wallet at home. The office was kind enough to allow me to pay on a follow up visit.

    Furthermore, a "complaint" so full of grammatical and structural errors should be taken with a grain of salt. Shouting capitals and poor grammar is not an effective way to have a complaint taken seriously.

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  • Ho
      Aug 01, 2013

    I wasn't happy with this place at all. Whenever I picked up my dog he was bleeding and had dry blood on his side. I can't believe nobody noticed this before me, then after I told one of the ladies at the front desk they said they didn't know what had happend and they had me wait on the doctor to explain what was wrong. Again the wait was about an hour long. They told me it was just a scratch and then I had to pay $20 for the consultation. Besides that, it broke my heart to see my dog laying down for 3 whole days through their webcam. My dog didn't have a good experience at all.

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  • Bg
      Dec 23, 2014

    I was looking up something on Google search and ran across Becker Animal Hospital Complaints - since I live less than a half mile from both the old location on West Ave and the new location on IH10 - I have had all of both mine and my mother's animals cared for by Dr. Becker since August 1979. I was curious what might be listed since neither I - my mother - or my neighbors have never uttered a single bad word.

    I read this and went - B*LLSH*T!!!

    Let me tell you about Mike Becker

    When my 18 year old friend (cat) got out and was savaged by a dog - I was absolutely totaled and sat in Dr. Becker's office and cried my heart out. Dr. Becker sent me ONE thing for her care AND euthanization - a condolence card.

    I never received a bill

    there is no way in h*ll the above happened as described - Dr. Becker simply is not that kind of human being

    B. Gilmore

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  • Sv
      Jul 06, 2017

    We have had good and bad experiences here. But I don't trust Becker Animal Hospital. My baby need some surgery on her gums, teeth extracted. We were told she needed some test done to see if she would be able to have the surgery. They ran test on her heart, liver, and kidney's to see if everything was functioning properly. They told us she was fine and everything was working good. She had the surgery and we brought her home. A couple of months later she started having problems breathing. We took her to BAH and they told us she had a congestive heart problem. I told them about the test they had just done on her and that they said she was just fine for the surgery. We had to put our baby to sleep so she would not be suffering. I know they lied to us because they just wanted to make money off the surgery, don't trust these people. If you really love your pet find a new VET. You may feel you can trust them but believe me that day will come !!

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  • Cr
      Aug 29, 2017

    I have taken several of my Pets to Becker and received nothing but the best service! When I had to make the decision to let my 16 years old dog go, the staff was incredible! So loving, caring and respectful to me and took the utmost care of my girl.
    I will continue to take my pets to Becker for their needs.

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  • De
      Nov 01, 2017

    Michael Becker has anger management issues and lacks professional responsibility. See for yourself:

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