BeBe / poor online service. cancelled orders with no explanation

I've been a Bebe member since 2004 and today I experienced the worst online serve since I joined.

I placed 2 separate orders on Nov 19th 2017. I spent hours browsing the site and selecting items, only to find out the next day both my orders were cancelled. The 1st Bebe representative I talked to was very helpful. She informed me that my orders were cancelled because the order amount was too high (above $500) and therefore couldn't be sent to an address other than my billing address. I told her was not in a position to receive the order at my billing address. She then suggested to help me split the orders into 5 smaller orders, all under $500 to enable shipment to an address other than my billing address. After over an hour of placing the new orders over the phone, we found out these too were cancelled. She suggested I consult with my bank, which I did.

After my bank informed me they had no problem honoring the transactions, I called Bebe back. The next representative I talked to informed me that I could only have any order made sent to my billing address. And when I asked her why that was the case, she had no satisfactory explanation. She kept telling me that that's what the system said, from their billing department. Then I asked to talk to someone in the billing department. After a lengthy back and forth, she finally forwarded my call to a supervisor named Anya.

Anya immediately informed me that to prevent fraudulent activity, I could only have my order sent to my billing address. When I pressed on why, she said it was Bebe's new policy. I told her that it didn't sound right, because on the Bebe website they still have an option to ship to an address other than the billing address. At this point we were both getting quite agitated. I told her that I had been a Bebe customer for years and I had had orders sent to other addresses other than my billing address on numerous occasions. She suggested I was lying by telling me according to the system this was my first online transaction and it was suspect for being fraudulent. I was livid.

I told her numerous times that I wanted to file a formal complaint and how to go about it. She just kept on insisting that this was a potential fraudulent transaction etc. finally I got her to give me an email address I could send my complaint to.

Needless to say, I will NOT be shopping at Bebe ever again.

Faridah Mawanda

Nov 20, 2017

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