Bay AlarmPoor alarm service and installation

Watch out for Bay Alarm! We purchased an alarm system from them after we were burglarized and they used double sided tape on rough sawn lumber to mount the door transmitter. This resulted in another successful burglary at our house where they removed the door transmitter with a putty knife and duct tape. The alarm didnt go off because the transmitter was taped together by the burglars. If Bay Alarm had used screws to secure the transmitter like the manufacturer recommends, the burglary would have been thwarted. We purchased the alarm to avoid this type of problem. We found out through another more reputable alarm company that they make an in wall door transmitter mounted in the door jam which Bay didnt even offer us. The installers informed us that they can not use screws as it is a company policy. The managers claim different. The install was bad however the response from Bay Alarm was even worse.

We invited them to look at the install and at the same time provide a security assessment of our needs. All they did was say there was no liability. They didnt bother to provide any feedback on how we could upgrade the system to prevent future burglaries. When I asked the sales rep about the 90 day money back guarantee, he informed me that we had to have a good reason! Just one more example of the poor product and service provided by them. We changed alarm companies!


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