Bauch & Lomb / Crystalens

San Luis Obipso California, United States

I have just had both eyes done with the crystalens and its a nightmare. Only just finding all these complaints. Both eyes are the wrong strength. Both have membrans growing. It feels like my eyes have dirt in then and they itch and are bloodshot. I can hardly go out side with out sunglasses or be in rooms with lights on as its so bright and unnatural and makes my eyes water. The dr I go to is making all sorts of excuses and they put contacts in the other day so I can see for now. He wants to do more surgeryies. I have an appointment for a second opinion and have been calling lawyers. This is so bad. I think its the lenses and the dr. Any good dr would never recommend these and if they did they would be taking them out right now, knowing that they have gone wrong. I am in pain too. Please never get these lenses. It is so sad that we cannot trust drs these days! I am so upset and hope this will help others. Stay away from them and get a good dr!

Apr 28, 2017

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