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Ordered a bath fitter door and shower surround in August from their Burnaby BC location.

Sales guy comes, measures, and we decided on a 3, 100 door and surround to be installed Oct. 28. I pay 30% down, and wait.

Oct 14 or so comes, and they say we can do it early - i say "great". Installer comes in to find the surround is cut wrong, original date of Oct. 28 is back on the table.

Oct. 28 comes, and surround is in, but the door is too tall. Must remake door - new date, Nov. 22.

Nov. 15th the company arbitrarily puts through the remaining 70% charge on my credit card without discussing with me.

Nov. 19 i notice the charge, and on Nov. 21 request this be reversed (and it was).

Nov. 22 comes along, and they bring a door. Frame fits, but the glass is too short, and when panes are set to opposing walls, 4" gap. Door taken away. New door shows up after a couple hours, is installed but only has 1 1/2" gap between top of door and ceiling. (did i get my old rejected door back hoping i'd not notice)?

Now, there's likely a screw hole in the surround, and still need a new door.

Don't go with these people - their sales tactics are good, but that's where the quality ends.

Nov 23, 2016

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