Barnes & Noble Booksellers / hacked account

United States

I hardly ever use B&N online to order. Last time I did was mid 2018, and everything went well with that purchase. Checking my email one day, I notice an email saying my order had shipped. Went to check my account, and someone had hacked my account and ordered a Harry Potter Set for a total charge of $76.67! Went my wonderful Bank of America, and they said we'll help you--AFTER you talk to Barnes and Noble. So I called the Sales Audit Dept. Spoke with a man, froze my account, said a refund would be coming to my account. Two weeks later, nothing. Called again, spoke with a woman who told me there was a problem processing that refund, but that she would put a rush on it and it should be back in my account 24 hrs later, and she'd send me a gift card. We're now over 24 hrs later, and still no refund. This is absolutely ridiculous! So I'm going to give them until Monday, and then I'm calling them back. I can tell you I will NEVER shop B&N online ever again, and once I use the gift card, IF it actually shows up, I'm done with them forever. It's too much hassle and not enough reward. I don't understand how they could so quickly take the money from my account for someone in Oklahoma (I'm in Georgia, never been to Ok in my life) yet drag their feet returning it to me after I prove the fraud. No wonder all these stores go under. They don't care about the consumer, only their money, and they don't care if it's fraudulent or not.

Jan 27, 2019

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