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Bankcard Empire / rip off

1 Tempe, AZ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 877-227-3597

I signed up with bankcard empire last month and i received the training package and it looked righteous I paid $150.00 for this business that was the first phone call I was really excited. Then the second call came the director was asking for $2500.00 hundred I was taken aback I really get upset when you sign up for a business they get you for the initial sign up fee then they hit you for that large mentor amount it just sickens me.

I gave my so called director the riot act about why should I pay him that money when there's no guarantee that I was going to make money only on his word. huh he tried so hard to convince me I wasn't so convinced after that he got mad and hung up lol.

I called customer service to request my money back they won't give it back saying I can work the program without a mentor yeah right I won't put my good name on anything for this company of scam artist they take your money and run. The initial fee is a substantial amount when you not working but when the come back at you with that big chunk forget it. 'if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck' then its a duck.

Theses people are such shallow little people who will get theirs in the end. It is such said world were living in today when people have to be ripping their neighbors off without any regard or conscious. Although I'm still hopeful about finding a home base business but to no avail.

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  • Bo
      5th of Sep, 2008
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    I see the writings of a person looking to get rich quick. I have checked this deal out and at 500 dollars per installed machine, I see profit rather quickly. I plan on getting in the business the fourth quarter of this year. Show me a home based business that is in an industry growing everyday as is the credit card business. With Gas prices down...people will be using up credit cards and kids are turning 18 everyday as well and thats a whole new source of customers for the merchants I plan on signing up. Do you realize how you sound blaming eveyone else on your failure in life? I read these types of complaints and you are probably the same type pf person that wanted to get Real Estate with Little or No Money Down or Make A Million Dollars in One Week kind of guy. I check out companies and I see the same types of complaints...POOR ME..I got ripped off...Eveyone is a scam artist...they took my parents money etc etc. Its the same type of crying in EVERY negative comment about ANY home based business. I have heard there are THOUSANDS of affiliates out there who are working the programs they bought. You would rather spend your time crying on the internet. You probably wouldnt be successful at anything other than an hourly wage job where you dont have to think for yourself. Regardless of what you are going to have to get off your ### and make it work.Stop blaming everyone else and sink your teeth into something and MAKE A TOTAL COMMITTMENT.

  • Jo
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    It's interesting to see someone actually plan to get into the business when the recruiter is the one that contacts you. BankCard Empire doesn't look very legit. Their website at looks to have been put together by a third-grader. The website is far-less informative than the individual on the phone. I looked them up on the Better Business Bureau website and they don't even come up. There are several blogs of complaints about how they asked for money and basically dropped the affiliate. I didn't find one single, count it, I found zero blog comments or websites or otherwise that this company is for real. A company that has a 57 year history and has zero trace, sounds kind of fishy to me. So Bob Grant, best of luck to you in your endeavors. I hope that you don't end up on these ### about how you got screwed.

  • No
      30th of Sep, 2008
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    I was just contacted today (9/30/08) by Bank card Empire and decided to look them up on the internet before investing. I thought their audio tape sounded fishy. I thank you all for complaining and will not be investing. The agent who called me said that they could not send me any info in the mail because by the time that it came in the mail all the "positions" would be filled and I would lose out. As I look on the internet, I see people who were scammed over a year ago. Thanks to all of you complainers, in my case anyway, Bank card Empire is the one who will be losing out.

  • Ti
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    I was also contacted on 9/30/08 by a Bankcard Empire recruiter. I have lost alot of money over the years trying to find a home-based business to help support my family. I am disabled and unable to work a regular job and in today's economy we cannnot survive on only my husbands income. When I spoke to the recruiter it sounded too good to be true. He asked me for one amount as an initial fee to start their program. When I told him I could not afford that amount he quickly and without hesitation lowered it by 50%. My first thought was too come online and see what I could find out about this company. I cannot thank all of you enough for your comments. I truely believed you have saved me from losing money that I REALLY cannot afford to lose. This is not the only website that I found terrible stories about Bankcard Empire. I thank the Complaints Board for giving people like all of us an honest and easy to use forum to either warn or to encourage eachother about possible scam artists such as Bankcard Empire.
    Please if anyone can, let me know of a legitimate home-based business they have found. I really need to earn an honest income from home. Thank you again everyone from saving me from making another terrible decision. God bless all of you for your interest in helping others to be smart and safe.

  • Bo
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    They contacted me today after I had said yes to some email traffic. I'm concerned they are not members of the BBB. Here's the link to their record of reports (you need to go to their Illinois site to find them) and a couple other pertinent links. I am thinking about it because you only hear the bad at BBB, and really, knowing how easy it is to place a complaint, there aren't many.

    /URL removed/

  • Bo
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    Please let me know from people whom have tried and are successful or their experience positive or otherwise. Thanks in advance.

  • Sy
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    I think anyone who tries to start a business whether Home-Based or Internet will run into the same situations. Unless you want to get out and do all the foot work or spend hours trying to reach potentials on the Internet, then you'll have to have some form of advertising to make it.
    Don't be fooled by all these Gurus of the Internet who say you can do it for $19.95. I've tried and ended up spending thousands of dollars in small amounts because you always need this or that to help get sales.
    Either get a job and shut up or take a chance and spend the money. There's always Chpt.7.

  • No
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    I got the call, listened patiently and when I asked the hard questions, the mentor got snooty and annoyed. That was the tipoff that this is a scam. If they can't answer simple but probing questions in a professional, informative way, then I don't trust you. He said he could not believe why I would not invest just $100 (it's my $100, buddy) . I was even insulted and told that I was a not good business person for asking about costs to me!! the mentor was pushy and rude after I was pushing him back. So best of luck to those of you that will go ahead with this but my gut tells me, NO WAY.

  • St
      8th of Jan, 2009
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    This Company called me
    out of the blue. With an offer that sounded to good to be true. they said I would be set up for $250 while the pitch is going on, he asked me some questions all of them rhetorical. When it he was finished asked him a few questions. He became a little snippy especially when asked for the name of the company. So I could check it out on the internet. He asked me how come? I said i want to make sure it's not a scam. He answerd how can they use the name of Visa mastercard. if they were a scam LOL So here i am. Scam artist they make their money from from your start up fee. With today's economy it's easy to exploit the hopesof the people who need money. How do they sleep at night? Like a baby! Beware they are out there. Good luck finding real work.

  • Ke
      26th of Jan, 2009
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    I just received a call today and immediately I was skeptical. I wanted to find out more about the company so I can do research online. They tried to hit me up for $150 to get started but I told them that the funds weren't available until 2 weeks, so he gave up and said he'd call back then. I immediately went online and their website was not impressive, then I further researched and found this blog.

    Thank you very much for sparing me the big loss and disappointment. The economic is really bad and scam artists like Bankcard prey on folks looking to make extra money.

    Keysha G

  • Pe
      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    I signed up for this Bankcard Empire one week ago. After having lost about $25, 00 in an attempt at another internet business I screened as best I could.

    I was told that add campaigns and leads would be part of my initial investment. There would be not another dime to spend after my $495.00 + $19.~ / mo. for a web site.

    Tonight I received a wonderful offer for only $6, 000 of which they would generously pay half for an add campaign that would produce boko bucks over a one year period.

    I than suggested they front me the initial $3, 000 if they were that confident in their add campaign. They seemed a little put out in that I did not show trust in there proven track record.

    I then told them upon demonstrating their ability to produce the large income from my investment. I would pay them back $12, 000 out of the income they would be able to produce with this add campaign and they still thought I was abusing them in some way.

    We now have both government scams and internet scams to contend with. I am a little embarrassed at my gullibility. I can't afford to loose this money.

    Peter F

  • Ri
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    It really makes me laugh to see the people talk about BCE. What they need to say is "I want to sit on my fat ### at home and watch t.v. and do nothing and I want someone to send me money all the time for doing nothing! Like a lifetime Obama package! I also requested information from online so I could do some work from home but I lied I just want to sit around and watch Dr. Phil and eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream."
    The person who took time to complain has no other time just some [censored] who has no life and could not make in the world. If they know how BCE works they would not be able to say anything. like why does BCE give us leads to contact instead of BCE contacting them. First we all need to understand that BCE is directley with Visa/Mastercards merchant division. and so instead of having a building with reps and paying taxes and health insurance and etc. etc. for all the employees to be all over to contact these companies weather it be by phone or word of mouth they would rather pay someone who BUYS there own merchant ID number (500 bucks) (just like a car dealer buys there dealers number) to do the contacting for them. so lets look at another way then this [censored] above! Ford makes cars everyone knows that but hey if there was know dealerships would you know where to go get one? Hell no! So Ford and YOU need a dealer who paid for his dealers liscene to contact you and say here I am and I can get you the car you want! right!?
    You have to remember all most of these places in busniess are being charged around 5% for everything that is purchased on there merchant teller. BCE is able to drop that in half so if they have 100, 000 going through every month thats 5, 000 they spend a month! well BCE can split that in half and give you 1% of it.
    I know times r tough right now and there is money out there to be made its just people dont want to go find it because they are lazy. and the package you get is not a box of just busniess cards like this guy who i would like to say is as smart as ### rolling down a hill, it was full of all sorts of usefull info to get me going and I had a coach that contacted me and helps me and I am able to contact any time! I am make very good money, very well pleased and all I have to say is he probably will get his wish "sitting on his ### and having someone send him free money" ITS CALLED WELFARE! So good luck to all you people who thought you knew.

  • Eu
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    They contacted me today. The guy said he is a senior director in the company and that they only recruit 60 affiliates a year since their business is such a great opportunity. Right off the bet I felt there was something wrong with the business. If it sounds too good, it probably is, lol. He offered me to purchase the plans, which are silver for $100, gold for $300 and platinum for $500. He said after I purchase a plan, they'll send me an educational package. Right there I knew something wasn't right. I asked him how do I know it's not a scam, on what he replied he couldn't here me because of the static on the line and hung up. What a joke!!! Then he called me back in five minutes trying to "close the sale". I told him I need some written prove that it is not a scam, and asked him if there's a website or something which explains the business structure in detail. He started telling me that I really should sign up right now because the space is limited to only 60 affiliates a year and if I call in an hour it might be too late and I'll miss on the great opportunity. What a load of ****!!!

  • An
      16th of Mar, 2009
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    I got my money back and a residual income. They told me it only takes 1 account. They where right! Thanks bankcard empire

  • An
      16th of Mar, 2009
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  • Al
      29th of Mar, 2009
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    I too got ripped off for $500 plus $20 a month for a
    website. Then I got sucked in for the call blasting,
    I am in the process of backcharging them on
    my credit cards now.
    Alan 541-858-0185 ripoffsnow@yahoo.

  • Al
      29th of Mar, 2009
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    I meant to include this in the compaint, the reason
    I put an email address and phone number is I think
    we should get together and try to do something about
    the jerks, there is power in numbers so if you want
    to try email me or call.
    Thanks Alan

  • Fo
      3rd of Apr, 2009
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    hello, I am a former bankcard empire employee... or gsa llc or osc llc depending on who you ask... here's the deal with and all other home based businesses that are all coincidental located in phoenix as well.. they are
    ALL A SCAM!! I am sorry to say that i have worked as a sales rep in this industry for years.. I have worked in every aspect of this biz and i know what i'm talking about. the initial phone call to get you signed up is not recorded and the closers that get on the phone after you listen to an audio are intentionally lying to you to make their commision of 30 - 60% off of what you pay to get signed up... with bankcard they can charge between 95 and 495 dollars. these a lot of times are not small lies they are bold faced lies. however this is not how any of these companies actually make money. once you are initially signed up you then become a "lead" for the "back end" which is the marketing coach/ mentoring department, lol. i have done both of these positions and when i call you as a marketing coach i am going to convince you spend anywhere from 2000 to 25000 dollars on marketing and advertising for your business... once again i am going to bold face lie to you... the truth is it doesnt matter because we have you on recording stating that you understand that marketing is non refundable and that there are no guarentees. also you will sign paperwork stating the same thing for money you spend on advertising.. the truth is this EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE SOMEONE WILL MAKE A LITTLE MONEY, BUT NO-ONE REALLY EVER MAKES MONEY... BUT WE AS SALES PEOPLE DONT CARE BECAUSE WE MAKE A TON OF MONEY SELLING YOU THIS ###... AND BY THE WAY THE PEOPLE ON THESE SITES SAYING THEY HAVE HAD SUCCESS WORK FOR THESE COMPAINIES... USE COMMON SENSE PEOPLE... YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

  • Sa
      19th of Apr, 2009
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    I have read hours of reviews on BCE, which along with my own experiences having joined with them in the past two months, helps me come to a few drown out points and conclusions:


    BBB rating: F (79 complaints and currently in two(?) law suits.

    It costs a lot to join and cost varies depending on who or what ‘bargains’ go on.

    Little or no assistance for website charge questions

    NO one (in over 100 reviews read so far) has listed any sucess of making even a dollar by the “Call/Email Blasts” (is some one has, then please make a big emphasis for the rest of us to know!)

    The coaching assistants seem to recommend more call/email blasts and don’t offer much initial focus to other methods or approaches to advertisements, leads, or referrals.

    Random, frequent, or odd circumstance phone calls have been mentioned by some.

    Neutral points:

    BCE currently claims there are other ‘companies’ or individuals that have misrepresented BCE with fraud and scams that have cost them at least $200K.

    The assistant coaches sometimes call back and give some help but generally leave this up to the ‘agents’ responsibility.


    BCE is a real company with lots of staff and employees.

    They do real business and service lots of merchant accounts

    The services offered to merchants are highly competitive.

    There are a good number of posted reviews who have said they did not participate in or did not have success with the call/email blasts, but had, with moderate efforts, made some good legitimate income by personal advertising or business searching.

    They do offer two personal (duplicated w/ agent ID) websites for referals and to see progress on account sales in progress.

    All staff and employees answer very tough questions and seam to be generally polite, friendly, and professional.


    The company is having some poor management, coaching, and sales techniques that are irregular and seem to squeeze what ever upfront money they can get out of home-base business searchers (before they up and quit on them).

    The call/email blast marketing is a joke (it might work but haven’t read on any one saying it has been effective at all). Don’t expect to get too much help from the coaches who try to sell you on more of these.

    However, there is real business to be done with BCE and their referrals, website, and closing-the-sale system. People can make genuine incomes from home, but agents should do their own advertising, referrals, and leads generating systems.

  • Th
      13th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    i bet that every post on here defending bce is from the same scam artists taht are calling us. as far as the comments about people wanting to do nothing and collect money, obviously isnt such a bad idea because thats exactly wht you are doing. if you can report a success story from bce you had to deal with them, therefore, you are putting yourself in the same catagory. these silly twits called me trying to get me to sign up . the first thing that let me know it was a scam was the fact that he didnt even call me by the correct name. then when i brought up the scam issue he kept trying tp direct me to specific sites to "check out their record".. if you guys are so successful and prominent why cant i just google you? as was stated by another post i also told him that $495 was too much money up front, he immediately dropped the fee to $195. i informedhim that i wanted to be sent some actual literature from or on their company he told me to please hold and he would get a supervisor for me. afterabout 2 minutes he hung up

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