Banggoodbanggood terrible customer service: denials and delays

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I ordered an item and it never arrived. After having to do my own inquiries via Aus Post, it seems no one knows where the parcel is (or if Banggood even sent it). Banggood initially offered a refund minus a "shipping fee". Seeing the item cost $19 and the penalty was $22, there was a negative $3!

After it has finally been established that the item I ordered never arrived (as confirmed by Aus Post) and returned to sender, Banggood still refused to issue the refund. They insisted that the item be back in their possession before issuing the refund. I have to initiate contact again when that happens (i.e. I have to send them emails periodically to see it has been returned). One assumes that if the missing item never gets back to Banggood (which they can easily claim), I will never get my refund.

There has been numerous emails and still the issue is unaddressed. Buyer beware: purchase from them at your own peril.

Jul 23, 2018
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