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Banfield / terrible staff and service

1 Union City, NJ, United States Review updated:

If you love and care for your pet do not take him to bansfield in secaucus, nj. I got my puppy ninja neutered.. We dropped him off at 7am they called me 8 hours later and told me there were complications he was bleeding internally, supposedly one of the sutures was pinching an artery!!! They had to open him up again and fix the problem... The surgery was supposed to be free because we have the wellness plan but it turns out we had to pay 160 dollars cause according to them they had to go back and open him up again! My boyfriend argued it wasnt our fault.. He was in the hospital the whole time but they said it was done already and we had to pay! Im disgusted and upset at how they treated my puppy they do not know what they are doing and at the end you pay way more then what is expected one vet actually told me and my boyfriend shes favors cats!!! Wt[censored] Please if you really care about your precious animals never ever ever bring him to bansfield. From the snotty attitude wise mouth girls in the front to the fake vet and empty headed techs they need to close up the hospital and just stick to selling food and toys period!!!

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  • Oo
      5th of Jun, 2009
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    I completely agree. I brought my two dogs there and they are terrible.. I went in there for Giardia shots/vaccine and a week later my dog had giardia even though I paid for the vaccine. They have given me so many medications that do not work. The staff there is rude and uneducated about dogs. When I called to ask a question about Distemper the reception told me to get a Parvo test done.. I was confused because I knwo Parvo and Distemper are two different things. I questioned her again asking "why would I want a parvo test done if I think my dog has distemper?" She then told me it was the same things!!!

    I usually end up waiting for HOURS to see a vet and to actually get the medication. Even when I see the vet they rush and don't take a close look at my dogs. I had to bring them to another vet eventually because my dogs kept getting sick and Benfield didnt help. DO NOT GO THERE. I got fooled into the Wellness program. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!!

  • N5
      23rd of Nov, 2009
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    FYI----- You should know that with any surgery comes a chance for complications... In any animal hospital when an animal goes in for surgery they usually have to get their early in the morning. An examination is done, bloodwork is done, Per-op mediction is given and then he animal needs recovery time, all this does take time..., not to mention the animal needs to have an IV cath. placed, surgery site need to be shaved and sterile, then animal recieves Post-op medication... this does take time... Sorry that your dog had complications in surgery but understand that it does happen... PETS DO COST MONEY!!! Vets do not have a glass ball to tell what kind of complication can occur... Its a science... If you dont know this you shold not own a pet...

  • Ja
      8th of Oct, 2010
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    Yesterday I took my 3 month old kitten to them (Banfield, East Hanover, NJ) for an exam. The vet techs held him down to take his temperature and started screaming. 2 hours after we got home he went to the bathroom and I saw blood dripping out of his butt. I took pictures of it, it was a lot of blood. I called today and told them how horrified I am. I’m bringing him there later today so they can examine him. I can’t believe what they did to him. Are their vet techs even trained?

  •   30th of Jun, 2011
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    I brought my dog to Banfield yesterday...we got conned into the wellness plan also. We also thought that the neuter surgery would come free with the plan, but for some reason there is now an extra $170.00 charge associated with it. It costs $60.00 to get your dog neutered at the Humane Society. Every time I have been there for a visit with my dog, I leave angry at how I was treated by the vet, the technicians, and the front desk help. Yesterday, I asked some specific questions about the bile acid tests that were ordered for my dog and the "liver supplement" and antibiotics that were prescribed for a high ALT level and was given a very dismissive and incomplete explanation by the vet. When I asked for the test results and refused to buy the drugs, stating that I wanted to do some of my own research first, the vet threatened me that I would end up spending more money in the long run because she would make my dog take all of the same tests over again the next time I brought her in if I didn't treat her immediately. She was visibly angry with me and acted very rudely. We have paid for the wellness plan for the whole year already, but are never bringing our dog back there just on principle. Save your money and go to a real vet. Banfield has inadequately trained staff and employees have awful interpersonal skills.

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