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Banfield Pet Hospital / overcharging and lying

1 College Station, TX, United States Review updated:

My opinion of banfield: scam! I just got a yorkie puppy and the first day I took her in to banfield they diagnosed her with several different things and labled her "the poster child" of the vet because she "just has so many things wrong with her." in one week this "vet" has taken $650 from me. I'm a college student and this is a pretty huge chunk of my 8 days, they have put her on 7 different antibiotics, in addition to the heartworm medicine and 3 vaccinations. One of these vaccinations was the bordetella which is supposed to prevent kennel cough, which they diagnosed her with 5 days after they gave her the vacc. Only to put her on 2 new antibiotics in addition to the 3 she was already on for other things she supposedly had. Two days after that she wasn't getting any better and they had me bring her back in and diagnosed her with pneumonia. They then put her on 2 new antibiotics and took her off the previous ones, claiming they weren't strong enough in addition to making me leave her there for a large fee and claiming she needed to stay under their supervision for 2 days. None of this was covered under the "wellness plan" either. I was told by two different vets and the breeder I got my puppy from that I was being extremely overcharged. I don't think the word "wellness" is a good way to describe my puppy consecutively getting worse and worse over this one week as soon as I take her in to this vet, then being charged $650 just to have to take her to a new vet in the end.

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  • Cr
      12th of Jul, 2008
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    for your information the wellness plan is for well services not when your pet is sick. not all banfields are this was the banfield in lawrenceville georgia only thinks about your pet and what to do to help them. just becuase you have had problems at one hospital does not mean you will have the same problems at another. do not judge one hosptail by what they do.

  • Ka
      28th of Mar, 2010
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    I worked for Banfield briefly as a collections rep at the corporate office in Portland, Oregon. The post by Daniel is perfectly indicative of the Corporate atmosphere as well. The Wellness Plans are made for one reason only, TO MAKE THE COMPANY MONEY! All day long I talked to people who were told by the hospital that the plan could be canceled at any time. I Know for a fact that the corporate office is aware of this misinformation and deliberately does not advise there hospitals to correct this. The actual production cost of the services provided by the wellness plans is often less than $100, but the “Retail Value” of the services can be in excess of $1000.00. I understand that a company obviously needs to make money, but the markup on these services is outrageous on top of the unethical lack of information given to the clients by the hospital staff (generally speaking) about their options for canceling the wellness plan. In addition to this the billing for the company is all “paperless”. You have to give a credit card to be automatically billed every month. If something happens and the payments aren’t automatically processed for several months the wellness plan is canceled to collections. At this point, even if the “Retail Value” of the services used is LESS than the cost of the plan they are going to send you to IC Systems (a collection agency) for the whole year’s cost of the wellness plan plus collection fees, if said fees are allowed in your state. This means that if you took your pet in to the hospital all you had done were 2 shots and some kind of fecal exam, and later on the payments are defaulted on (sometimes the “automatic billing system” randomly just stopped taking payments for, SERIOUSLY, no reason!) you are going to be sent to collections for up to $400.00. Granted, it is ultimately the client’s responsibility to make sure their bills are being paid, but how easy could it be to miss that 21.95 wasn’t deducted from your account? SOMETIMES the clients will be mailed a letter saying the payments are not being made and SOMETIMES a phone call is generated in the system, but by no means does this happen with every client. I would say it happens maybe 30% of the time. I know, this is all I did all day long for two months while in the Wellness Plan collections department. I have never in my life worked for a company where all day long I had to listed to people threatening legal action. I really believe that it can’t be legal that they cancel the wellness plans to collections for more then the retail value of the services that were used, and I also think this is in direct contradiction with what the actual contracts say. This is one of the worst jobs with the worst company I’ve ever had in my life.

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