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My dog Clancy has dry eye syndrome, or keraconjunctivitis sicca. To make a long story short, he had an appointment 8/19/09 and the vet who had been treating him wasn't there (she said she would be, which was why I scheduled it for that time), so another one saw him, and recommended an ointment to complement the one being used which, by her own admission, was working great.

When I went to check out, I asked the price of this ointment, which was packaged as a prescription in a Blistex size tube. I was told $26, so I asked to see it. Turns out it was 15% mineral oil and 85% petrolatum, which you know as Vaseline. No inert ingredients, nothing. When I voiced my displeasure to the clerk, she replied, correctly so, that she doesn't set the prices. So I asked to see the vet again, the clerk checked, and I was told she was busy. So of course I tossed the box on the counter, told her that the price was "unethical, " and checked out.

So watch out for these kinds of ripoffs. This tube was about .25 oz, making their price $104/oz. I figure that this is about a 10, 000% profit margin.

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      Nov 04, 2010

    On 10/19/10 I went to my appointment at Banfield The Pet Hospital at
    12836 Citrus Park Drive
    Tampa, Florida 33625
    I wanted to give my newly adopted kitten, Simba a physical exam and I had concerns about her scratching her ear, her stool was loose, and she was coughing and sneezing when I got her but lately she sneezes only once in a while. I was interested in the Wellness Plan from the brochures it looked like a good deal.
    I wanted to join the wellness Plan first when I arrived but the clerk at the desk stated that I could join after the visit. I arrived at my visit at 4PM . They weighed Simba and then proceeded to take me to a room and stated that the doctor would arrive soon. The doctor took maybe 30 minutes to arrive. I stated to him that it must be busy. He did a quick full exam on Simba that lasted approximately 3 minutes. He then said he would return to take a stool sample. He returned approximately 30 minutes later and took a sample from Simba's behind. He stated he needed to examine this. So he went outside with the stool sample and returned maybe 20 minutes later telling me the stool was negative. He then took an ear swab and told me he would return after examination on his telescope. I waited another 20 minutes and thought I heard him talking to another client. He returned and told me the exam was negative and thatthe ear mites could still be there and he could flush it out himself or I could do it. I choose to do it not realizing of course there would be a fee for it.
    By now, I was concerned that I would be in the wellness program so I thought everything would be covered. I had a 30 coupon off a Wellness Progam from the adoption agency. He recomended antibiotics for her ear and general antibiotics for her. The fecal exam and ear swab would be covered by the wellness plan that I could join when I would leave his office. I was not too impressed with the quality of the exam. But I still figured it would be a good deal.
    Then the doctor proceeded to tell me how much the medications would cost. He quoted a fee in the of about $100 with discounts from the plan. My first reaction was yelling
    "What". I thought medicines would be covered but he stated that medicines are not covered. He told me to come back in a week.
    I then proceded to the front desk. When I was told that the regular fee is $280 and
    by purchasing the wellness Program I would pay a price of $160 which included my fee for the wellness plan and first months payment. I used my debit card to process the transaction and he stapled the receipt to about 10 pages describing Simba's illnesses. There were some loose papers on the bottom but they handed me the whole package and I made an appoinment for next week. I do not remember signing anything except for my debit card payment.
    About 4 days later I see Banfield Insurance on the web. I was looking for pet insurance to supplement Banfield so I would be covered fully. My god was I shocked by multiple website after website depicting fraud negligence and various horror stories. My first reaction was to bring Simba to my old vet to check her out, as after I read all the stories I did not want to stay in Banfield.
    My vet examined her and did a fine thorough exam with the help of and aid, he used a scope for the ears and took a stool sample with the aid. He told me all I should use was the Trasoderm Drops, not because of ear mites but because I should clean out her ear as it was dirty. He told me that I did not need the other medications. I left with Simba and payed the fee of $90 which sounded allot better than Banfields $280 or $160. Either way the exam took 10-15 minutes and it was allot more thorough. She was also checked for microchip and written down in record about the chip. Banfield totally omitted this even though a sign in the office said check each client for microchips.
    After I bring Simba back home I send out email to Banfield that I wish to quit the program. From Reading all those statements on the web, I figured I should change my Debit Card and get a new one so Banfield cannot take any more funds. The next day I recieved a response from Banfield that I needed to pay $120 more as it would cover the true price of the one office visit they say. I called Banfield relations and they told me I could only quit on the 4th day. My Fiance told me she would not sign a document like that. I figure that $160 more than covers the price of quick office visit and medications. Banfield seems to inflate their prices.
    Finally I say to myself that I am a sucker for falling for this scam. It was the coupon for thirty dollars off plus the fact that Banfields are located in PetSmart's which I thought were reputable. Well I go look at my contract and low and behold is my name printed on a piece of paper that tells about the Contract in a paragraph with a horrible contract beneath it. Nowwhere is my signature and I do not remember ever signing such a horrible agreement. I would never knowing do so.
    I call back Banfield which I think is probably a waste of time. I told them that I believe that I did not sign a contract. I have no papers with any signature on it. The only thing I signed was my debit card. They refer me to cancellation line, where I waited 10 minutes and then phone went dead.
    Alright, so now I will probably be assessed large fees and will have my credit ruined if a majority of the internet people are right. I am trying to join a class action suit as instructed on the website. I live on disability. My other cat just died I spent all my savings on her surgery and then put her to sleep at my vet place. So I do not have the funds to waste on Banfield. I cannot even afford her shots now after Banfleds prices but I would never bring my pet there money or no money due to the treatment and practices of there corporation which is all over the web. I am a sucker for falling for a coupon and what I thought would be a good deal for someone without funds. With my debit card I guess they could try to collect funds from my account and when they fail they will ruin my credit.
    But when Banfield falls and they will someday my credit will get cleaned up I hope. I cannot believe they have been around since the fifties with their practices.
    I firmly believe they will not survive.

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      Nov 04, 2010

    Banfield will commit fraud if they have to. They will take money out of your account no matter what, plus each year they renew automatically.

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      Nov 04, 2010

    Banfield personnel are all like used car salesmen. They are interested in the dollar that is it.

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