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Banfield / Doctor Laura / poor service!

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First off, let me tell you that I work at petsmart and am very familiar with Banfield. I have seen first hand how animals are treated by that doctor. A few weeks ago, i witnessed a HORRIBLE event! A little basset puppy had just had shots from Dr. Laura at Banfield in killeen texas. It didn't even make it to the front door and it was vomiting uncontrollably. Probably a reaction to the shots, which is not the doctors fault. A petsmart employee confronted Doctor Laura and her techs about it(they happened to be in a meeting). Everyone seemed to agree that was a very serious reaction. Doctor Laura told the employee to tell the customer to take the dog elsewhere to be seen. That is NOT how a vet who cares about her customers reacts to something like that! In my opinion it was her responsibility to take care of the needs of one of her clients. On another occasion a puppy with Parvo came in to see her. I'm not sure if the puppy was too far gone to save, but I saw the pet parents walk out of the exam room crying. Then the staff vacated the room, and left the puppy in that room alone to die. When a tech finally went in, she came back out with the puppies remains in a plastic bag, with a smirk on her face and i saw her chuckle....In FRONT of the pet parents! To me, this is not how a vet's office should be run, and I really hope you think twice about visiting Killeens Banfield.

If you need anymore convincing of Banfield type of service visit

4 months after i had written that, one of the doctors customers brought that to her attention. The doctor called her cooperate office, and my cooperate office trying to get me fired a week after returning from maturity leave. I was fired. The basis for my termination was I broke a confidentiality agreement. I gave information to the public that they would not otherwise have access to if i wasnt an employee. That is not the case, because the incidents that happened were during business hours, in front of customers. Not to mention you can bet the victimized customers told people about it. I was wrongfully fired because Doctor Laura did not want anyone to know the things she had done.

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  • Ab
      27th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    You are such a dumb b****. You got fired because you are slandering a good practice. You think you know it all, but hell you were only a groomer and quite frankly had your back to us the whole time you worked. What i also dont understand is how you were on maternity leave, but then talk about how this incident happened. WHERE YOU THERE???? or is this some second had BS someone is telling you. I remember you almost blinding a dog because you stabbed its eye out with sisscors, OH and who was there to clean up your mess... Dr. Laura. I remember, because unlike you I was actually at he event when it happend. So here are some facts for you. During business hours we do not have meetings, we are way to busy, second we would NEVER turn down a dog. By the way we got you booted of yahoo local and we will get you booted of here. And going back to my first statement, you using your real name and picture is another reason you were so easy to identify and fire. LOL we are still laughing at you stupidity.

  • Do
      24th of Dec, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Doctor Laura is lesbo and tried to finger little girls in waiting room stay away!

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