Baker Donelson / Breaches of professional rules of responsibility

Memphis, MI, United States

If the court room was a classroom, Eugene Podesta would be known as the classroom cheater. If the court room were a playground, we’d dub Podesta as the class bully. Podesta intentionally violates written and unwritten rules of the litigation process to improperly influence parties, witnesses, and especially judges.

I had a case where my client sued Podesta’s client for legal malpractice. At one point in the process, Gene was required by the court to inform me of previous proceedings (where Gene Podesta apparently spoke at length to the judge ex parte). Eugene Podesta failed to inform me of the details of the “meeting” as required by the judge.

Eugene Podesta then manipulated the court into ruling on his summary judgment motion without any hearing through unprofessional and unethical behavior. Gene Podesta told me he would withdrawn the motion and a proposed order he had filed when I filed an affidavit (which was the basis for his Summary Judgment Motion). Once filed, Podesta again untruthfully represented that he would withdraw the motion and order. You guessed it, Gene did not withdraw the motion or order which was essentially signed by the judge as being unopposed.

We were astonished when we learned months later that the judge had signed the order dismissing the case. Gene said it was a case of “miscommunication, ” which was absolute BS. Eugene Podesta cheats! He violates rules of civil procedure, local rules, and professional ethics. Podesta is the bully in the playground. After intentionally tripping you he tells the teacher (judge) it was just an accident to avoid punishment.

Jan 24, 2015

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