SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Backloading Gold Coast to Woollahra Sydney

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I booked this almost 10 days ago stipulating I needed pickup within 3 days. They assured me of a particular day and 3hr window. Didn't arrive, no courtesy call...nothing. I called again, left message. No return call came. My Father, on the Gold Coast, was waiting at home for the pickup for 6 days running! Nothing came, still no courtesy call. Finally he was promised Saturday pickup. Didn't come. Then a Sunday pickup was assured. Didn't happen. On the Monday they said they'd arrive in the morning - they came 4pm. I am in Sydney and was awaiting delivery for 2pm. The poor fellow doing the actual delivery called me to discuss details. I also received a call from his wife. She confided that she and her Husband are subcontracted and receive a LOT of complaints about I agreed to pay cash on delivery (from the outset). Only an hour before delivery did they advise they would not accept cash and wanted direct deposit. Given I was in the middle of moving house and had no internet I was unable to do this. I offered to provide my credit card details. They said no and that my delivery would now have to go to their storage facility and a storage fee of $300 charged as well as a further $308 for redelivery...down the track! These guys are modern day pirates holding peoples goods to random, assuring a service they simply don't provide and I believe they have no intention of honouring the terms of service. It's all a ploy. Shocking, absolutely shocking. I'll be taking this to court - FOR. SURE. Steer clear.

Jan 11, 2016

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