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My car dealership referred me to Aztec Rent-a-Car for a loaner car. When I returned the car, the clerk noticed minimal damage on the back bumper consisting of a small ½” x ½ inch patch of black paint missing. I mentioned to her that it was negligible and was likely there prior to my using the car, it could heve been repaired with an indelible marker. The clerk seemed a little 'off' mentally.

I recieved a bill for $677 and I was shocked! There was a repair estimate done by Branning Auto Body for $483.00, and a ‘loss of use’ fee for four days for an additional $124.00. They repaired the car without my knowledge for a total cost of $ 677. There were no pictures taken.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Freehold, NJThis is obviously an absurd cost for such minimal damage!
I spoke with representatives at Aztec numerous times expressing the outrageous cost to repair the minimal damage to the car and the ‘loss of use fee’ but they wouldn’t negotiate and ignored me.
It is my understanding that Branning Auto Body owns Aztec Rent-a-Car, or that they are partners. They are located at the same address, 98 Crow Rd Freehold, NJ. There is obviously a conflict of interest here! The fox is obviuosly guarding the hen house
In any event, Aztec reported this non-payment to all the credit reporting agencies and now my excellent credit record is scarred and has given me difficulty obtaining reasonable financing!
We agreed on a fee of $300 to settle however Aztec wouldnt take a check and wouldnt give me a signed reciept for $300 cash. Theyre real crooks!!!
I believe that I was charged unfairly by Aztec-Rent-a-Car and Branning Auto body.
I am requesting to have this resolved for a reasonable cost to repair the car and to have Aztec Rent-a-Car immediately have this deleterious information regarding my credit resolved with all credit reporting agencies.

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  • Ly
      Aug 10, 2010

    Aztec Rent a Car Cahedral City, Calif. ARE CROOKS.I returned my rental car to ANTHONY (supposed owner)PAID the total in CASH $608.00 Plus they charged my credit card the same amount.Left MANY messages.Thay WON'T return my calls and Won't return MY MONEY.DON'T DO BUSSINESS WITH THEM!

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