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I am taking out time to give special feedback about my experience with awok.

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This was my order on 16th aug. Ordered for 20 items and I was charged 1737 / - (58 / - delivery charges included).

First instance:
I am an avid online shopper and have shopped at many online sites. And after ordering for 20 items worth 1679/-, I shouldn't have been charged for delivery whatsoever. Talked to your customer care, the gentleman explained how it works... Understood.

Second instance:
Ordered lumia 532... Your customer care said not available... You are giving me lumia 635 for the same price... Some consideration... Appreciated. But then show the item at least out of stock.

Third instance:
My order was split in two deliveries, coz the mobile was not available... Accepted. The first delivery was scheduled between 21st-23rd... Called customer care daily.. Response was... Sir today or tomorrow... Next day... Same... Sir today or tomorrow... Again the next day... Sir today or tomorrow... Common guys you are not delivering a baby... Stay put on your promises.

Fourth instance:
Finally finally received the first order today afternoon... Next point to be noted.
While ordering I chose to pay by card - on delivery... Pls note
The delivery man says on the parcel it is mentioned cash on delivery!!! (Not his mistake-he was doing what was mentioned)
Called up customer care again... The sweet lady at the other end suggests "that I return the parcel, order the same items again... And wait again for the delivery... And this time we will send card machine"
I was like whhhhaaaaat??? I know your delivery takes ages to come... But do I look like a fool to you???... I mean this is utterly ridiculous!!!
In the middle of my duty... I had to go 3km to the nearest atm... To pay or else the delivery man was ready to snatch the parcel and run away!

Final instance:
After running to atm, paying for the items, was finally excited to see my items.
But horror strikes again! Out of three casio watches, two were simply put in a plastic cover lying at the bottom of parcel... Where is the packing or cases for these watches??? No warranty card... No manual... I doubt whether they are genuine!!! The third casio outgear watch luckily had plastic box, warranty card and manual... But badly damaged box!!!
I hope you are not running out of packaging material... The way items were stuffed conveyed so...

Well presently awaiting for my second delivery... But have no hopes from your side.
The above mentioned were more like tragedies than instances...
There is tough competition out there people... Buckle up... As after this amazzzzinggg experience with awok... I may not consider you again!!!
Well many many thanks, you guys are giving out of this world customer experience...

All the best!!!

Harish kumar sanam

Sep 11, 2016
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  • Ha
      Sep 11, 2016 - laugh at yourself
    United Arab Emirates

    This is to my previous complaint and order nos:

    First of all, you split my order in two.
    then you make a mess in payment procedure,
    i ordered for 20items worth Dhs1700/- but still charged for delivery,
    its 25days since i ordered, but the second delivery is taking ages to come (maybe coming from MARS).
    one by one & day by day the customer base tells me, items are out of stock.
    the question is "if that item is unavailable" why still it shows available on your goddamn website!!! and i cant have it.

    after such a long delay, ur Sales Supervisor Mr JATIN tells will be possible on sept 14th cause of EID holidays...i ordered the items so that i could gift my friends & colleagues on EID!!!

    my goodness...seriously!!!
    u people are jst [censored]n around with public...

    n nobody takes responsibility for it...i feel pity for you

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  • Ha
      Sep 11, 2016 - laugh at yourself
    United Arab Emirates

    This is with regard to my previous complaints & order nos:
    8098907340/1793529343 ordered on 16th aug

    Firstly, you split my order in two.
    then you make a mess in payment procedure.
    ordered 20items worth Dhs1700/- but still charged for delivery.

    its been 25days and still haven't received my second delivery.
    (may be coming from MARS)
    one by one & day by day, ur customer base tells me that some items are out of stock. my question if some items are unavailable...then "WHY UR STILL SHOWING IT AVAILABLE" on your goddamn website!!!..and i can't have it...

    then ur sales supervisor MR JATIN tells me that delivery will be possible only after 14th sept due to EID holidays...i ordered the items so i could gift my friends & colleagues on EID!!!...what will i do with the items after?????

    seriously!!! if u cant deliver and stay on ur promises maybe u should shut ur company and find something else to do...what a pity!!!

    HATS a shame!!

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  • Ah
      May 24, 2017

    Yes i find out few complaints positive and negative it depends on the sellers which products they are selling. for the product prices i find out website which provide some detail feedback .

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