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Received letter stating that I won a very large amount of money. I've never applied for any of these and used to work in a career that warned many naïve and elderly people not to get tricked by these. This is an obvious scam and annoying to receive knowing that many others out there are falling for it and could have very dire consequences with inability to fix. Beware! Take scams like these to your trusted bank or a bank you are a member of and ask for them to go over it with you to be safe. You can win prizes and money, if you are signing up for them, so if you are not sure, please speak with someone before giving in!

Dec 05, 2016
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  • Wf
      Jan 15, 2017

    I have received a ANC Awards Notification Commission letter and decided to Goggle this web-site and found the complaint section that spoke of this letter. In the letter it stated I had won over $2, 000, 000, .00 cash. Why would someone want to send me this type of money and have the Gaul to ask for $11.89. Reading all the complaints and I suddenly remember I got something like this years ago and totally forgotten about it because there was no further communications. I sent the letters back as instructed and asked them to take the $11.89 out of the 2-million and send me the rest. I made a copy of the document and took it to the Post Office General to take action against this fraud mailings out to working class people who do not understand the implications of this type of mailings. If they are curtaining the regulations in mailing out of this type, the Post-Office General will keep them honest enough to ensure the reading of such mail does not state you have won these funds.

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