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Michael L. Wrote a review for Avoya Travel 2 minutes ago
1.0 star rating 8/1/2016
The issue was simple- I wanted and paid for a room for 4 (suite) rather than 2 separate rooms which would have been less expensive. When I asked for help I was told the agency was an independent contractor and was not in a position to help. To be fair she tried but cruise was full and the room technically with 2 cots could fit 4 but anyone would pay for 2 separate rooms with 2 bathrooms had they been informed. The agent simply said that is what RCL told her and she never saw the ship herself.. When it comes to making good on the poor information financially I was told I was on my own. I think your a lot better off simply booking with the line directly . If there is a problem you can deal directly with them V's an "independent agency" even though they lead you to believe you are dealing with Avoya travel.

Aug 01, 2016

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