AVJennings / overdue land preparation and title

Melbourne Metro Area, Victoria, Australia

I am very disappointed in your company . I bought a block in your Hazelcroft estate lot 537 in August last year . I was told title would be Dec 2016 or Jan 2017. Then I was told Feb due to rain . Now I can understand a little delay due to rain but now im told May but who knows . This is totally unacceptable the only reason I even know of the date changes is because I call or email and ask . No one ever contacts me with any changes and I am left to guess what is going on . Not only that but I cant even get my loan organised with the bank because so far as from today the valuers cant even get in to value the land so the bank cant process the loan.This has been going on too long and there seems to be an attitude from Jennings of I dont care. I am ready to take this up with the building ombudsman as vie had enough of the dragging on of this and the lack of contact. My house should be built by now but the land still isnt ready . I would like some real answers as to what is going on and some compensation for the rent im paying because you people cant be organised and do what you have promised to do on time or anywhere even close to on time .
you can contact my husband Michael on [protected] or email us at [protected] asap.
Tracey HIlbert

Apr 21, 2017

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