Aventuredome / Roller coaster injury

Las Vegas, NV, United States

I booked a room at Circus Circus Las Vegas, for 3/28/14 What was supposed to be our family vacation turned into a nightmare. On the day of check-in we decided to go for a swim followed with a fun filled night at the Adventuredome. By 7pm me and my 4 children had wristbands for all day ride pass. By 11pm we our fun night had came to an end, My 2 children named Sarah and Armando Had gotten seriously hurt on one of Circus Circus newest roller coaster called El Loco. As the roller coaster began to go down at a fast speed, I heard my 2 children screaming and crying. At the time I thought nothing of it, till the ride had came to a complete stop. My daughter Sarah was bleeding from her mouth & my son had a swollen busted lip. Security provided 2 ice packs, took down a report and pictures of they're injuries. All we were give is a report number. Later that night my daughter Sarah woke up crying in severe pain from a loose tooth caused by her injury on the ride. I stayed up with her all night that night till morning. I still haven't heard anything from the casino, not even an apology for a weekend of fun ruined. I took pictures of both children and will be willing to show any attorney interested in the case.

Apr 2, 2014

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