AutoZone / new alternator having a dead short

United States

My alternator went bad in my blazer. I had my car towed back to my house.
I was driving the car on the freeway when I lost all power and the vehicle final stopped running. I then bought a replacement alternator from auto zone. After installing this part the battery could not be reconnected do to a short which burned the wire right off the alternator. I tried to locate the short by disconnecting the power wire from the starter, alternator, and fuse box. Once this was done I found that the alternator that I just installed from auto zone had a dead short from the power terminal to the casing of the alternator. I then reconnected all the wiring and when reconnecting the starter the terminal on the starter came out of the starter causing me to have to replace this part as well. I would not of had this problem if I had been given a alternator that wasn't shorted. The store replaced the alternator but would not do anything to compensate me for what had happened, so I purchased a starter from a different store. The alternator was tested at the store and I was told it wouldn't run. When I asked if the test showed the part shorted to the casing I was told the test that's done only checks to see that it runs. My electrical meter showed the power terminal shorted to the casing. This part says right on it triple tested which obviously meant nothing. The car is now working after changing the alternator out a second time, along with a starter that shouldn't of had to be changed.

Feb 10, 2019

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