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AutoZone / terrible experience

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A few months ago my fiance's new car started making a strange clanking sound underneath the trunk. We pulled into an autozone and he asked with some assistance to figure out what the problem was. My fiance looks unconventional. He has long hair, wears nothing but black and is constantly decorated with pentacles. These are a symbol of his religion. Along with help from the employee that was working at the time, the store had lent him some tools so he could change the part right then and there. The employee helping was very friendly, but the manager watched us like a hawk. He was obviously offended by my fiance's appearance He constantly walked back and forth by the window watching us as if we were going to rob the place.

My fiance popped the trunk and set the tools down as he and the autozone employee worked at removing the car jack that was screwed into the trunk. After they were unable to remove the jack, my fiance decided that he would do without and began to try removing the piece. The employee would come out ever once in a while to check on us and to answer any questions, and the manager continued to pace by the window watching us.

My fiance wasn't twenty minutes into fixing the car when the manager came out. Instead of politely inquiring about the tools he immediately started cursing and ranting. He got right in my fiance's face and told him that if he did not give the tools back that he was going to call the police. My fiance looked around the ground and the tools were not by him, and he suggested that maybe the employee had seen that he didn't need the tools anymore and took them inside since he had been in and out several times. The manager continued to yell and threaten to call the police. Jon, remembering that he had set them to the side to get the jack, popped the trunk and the tools were sitting by the jack. It turns out that the employee had closed the trunk during his many trips to the car. There was no apology, the manager snatched the tools, called my fiance a thief and stormed back into the store.

Only today, we went back to the same autozone to charge a battery. We were inside looking at car seats when the same manager confronted us. 'You have to get out.' he said 'You're the guy who tried to rip off our tools last time. I'm going to make sure you can never step foot in an autozone ever again, ' He yelled.

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      15th of Dec, 2008
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    I purchased a starter with my mechanic for a 1972 El Camino with a 350 engine roughly a year ago. My mechanic, who also worked at Auto Zone at the time, installed the part and it all worked fine. Then out of the blue, the starter failed.

    I took it to the local Autozone in Phelan where it was purchased and asked for a replacement. The part in question has a lifetime warranty and even Autozone confirmed this.

    They were able to tell me A.) It came from Auto Zone, B.) It does have a lifetime warranty and C.) They cannot do anything because there is nothing in the system under mine or any of my family's names. The part was put under the mechanic's name however and they even looked up everything he had purchased there. The guy at the counter saw nothing ever purchased under his name, or his family's.

    He had been fired a few months prior by the new management and I find it interesting that he apparently 'never bought anything there'.

    The thing that really gets me though, is if they can authenticate that the part was purchased at that location, then why can't they honor my warranty? I tried calling the District Manager, but like I've read elsewhere on this site, they are conveniently always 'unavailable'. I've had to deal with rude in-store employees, and always getting the run around from them. I'm not complaining about them, because I know they are idiots.

    Is there any way I will ever get my warranty honored, or am I out of luck?

    My advice to anyone who goes there: SAVE THE RECEIPT!!!

  • Co
      14th of Feb, 2009
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    It's probably because your mechanic friend that worked there apparently didn't "pay" for the part he installed on your vehicle. It's ludicrous to think that Auto Zone should warranty a stolen part don't you think? Just what was he fired for anyway? As you said, keep your reciept is always the best policy.

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      14th of Feb, 2009
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    If your fiance' looks that sinister, you may want to evalute if you really want to to marry him and have a lifetime of being treated similarly because of his appearance. I'm not defending the jerk at Auto Zone by no means but you can't deny that your fiance's appearance is apparently what what set the guy off can you? My advice, steer clear of this store or change his appearance a little bit.

  • Ja
      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    I visited the Morristown, TN Autozone store at 625 S. Cumberland St on March 22, 2008 to purchase a fuel injector. An assistant manager was waiting on me. I had already called ahead to reserve the correct fuel injector that I needed.

    Upon visiting the store, the assistant manager was asking me if my 1994 Astro van had the 4.3 Vortec engine or the standard TBI 4.3. I replied that my van had the 4.3 Vortec engine... and that the person whom I had spoken to on the phone had told me the price was some $75.00 odd dollars...

    The mgr told me that there was no way that I had the Vortec engine because the injector would cost around 285.00.. I said, no, the gentleman on the phone told me $75.00.. I said, sir, my van has valve covers that say V6 Vortec... he said, well.. someone might have just put those valve covers on it, because no Vortec engines have the throttle body..

    I said, sir, I know what my engine says on it.. He then turned away and started to go and get the part. I said, well, I know that my valve covers say V6 Vortec on it. The assistant manager, then turns to me and yells ' I am not going to argue with you' I said, what 'what?' He says, 'I am not going to sell you this part'

    I then replied... 'sir, I have the money and I want the injector.' sell it to me' He then flat out keeps on refusing to sell it to me... I said, ok, that is fine. I then told him. 'I will take care of you on Monday.' He replies over and over in a loud voice.. 'Go ahead and take care of me now'. GO AHEAD!!! Go Ahead and take care of me now!' I said, nah.. I will take care of you Monday!' I then turn to leave... and he yells out 'You are nothing but a loudmouth!'

    This assistant manager yelled out all of this in front of about 20 customers. Very unprofessional... All I did was tell him that my engine was a Vortec engine... and that my valve covers said Vortec on them... He then acts like this. I have never been treated so rudely before in my life. I could not believe this was happening...

    I have spent lots of money in this store over the years, but never again.. It was very embarrassing to be talked to like a dog in front of customers.. This assistant manager was trying to get me to start something with him.. He is the one with a terrible attitude and a smart mouth. It kind of makes you wonder what kind of people Autozone has working in their stores.

    I felt very threatened by him and I will not return to any AutoZone ever again. I am also going to be contacting upper management about this situation. If anyone would like to contact this particular store, the phone number is 423-586-7313. Ask to speak to the store manager and see how he feels about this situation.. See if he even cares. I feel as if no one cares at this store. I know, I will never be back again! Thanks!

  • Fa
      16th of Jul, 2009
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    Yea he probly got fired for stealing because auto zone dose not fire people for nothing... they hate unemployment... and no way no how u will get any kind of warranty for your starter... blame that machanic not auto zone..."did u ever see him buy it?"

  • Je
      11th of Aug, 2009
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    You could and should sue their ### off! That is illegal ! He accused your fiance of stealing, you are never allowed to accuse a person of stealing. That is for the police to deal with, and if he thought your fiance was stealing he would have called them. GET AN ATTORNEY!

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