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35% Interest being charged for lease

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In October 2009, I was excitied about purchasing my new vehicle that I use a trade to acquire. Went through the whole paperwork and not really thinking I had been trapped into a vehicle lease that I am being charged high interest and high payments for a older vehicle. Now I am trapped with this vehicle that I am paying almost $600.00 a month. The vehicle is a 2003 model, personal I can make a $600.00 payment on a newer model. I should have done more investigation and research before I went to that dealership. As many have come forward in being in the same situation as myself but I would just like the customers to not make the same mistake I did. I have been researching for awhile in getting out of this lease but continue to still seek answers. Thank for hearing me vent and hope I can soon get out of this lease. Thank you
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A  18th of Nov, 2013 by    0 Votes
There was a Court of QB Small Claims Court Appeal ruling on November 15, 2013 that DISMISSED a claim filed by Quick Auto Lease Inc (AutoList of Canada)

If you have signed the below you may have a case...
The paperwork that i signed in 2009 were as follows:

A). SALES AGREEMENT with AutoList of Canada
B). LEASE AGREEMENT on a Quick Auto Lease contract detailing AutoList as supplier, NO interest rate documented
C) ADDENDUM TO LEASE AGREEMENT documenting interest rate and other fine print conditions

There were a number of key points identified by the Justice official hearing the case. A couple of which were of particular interest as she identified issues with the contracts signed and how they are not in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act and deemed Unconscionable

Key points:
- the 3 documents (listed above)that were signed are NOT transparent as per The Consumer Protection Act, C.C.S.M, c. C200. A number of things MUST be disclosed to purchasers or lessees of goods so that the purchaser or lessee knows the nature of the transaction, understands what they are paying for and knows the nature of any interest charges and fees. The DIFFICULTY with my case is that it is Impossible from the documents signed by the parties to determine the nature of the transaction It appears that I have both Leased and Purchased the vehicle
- having me purchase extended warranty for $3000 on a car they considered a lease was considered as "odd"
- lease documentation fee of $859 " no explanation was provided as to what this fee was for but it is impossible to imagine what documentation related to the sale of this car could add this excessive expense to the sale. Together with the lease registration fee if $99, it adds 15% to the cost of the car. Add to those fees, the late payment fee of $60, which is payable whether a payment is one day or one month late, and the true cost of borrowing appears to be WELL over 25%
- all fees that they attempted to charge at the end of the contract, early termination, residual value where Not justified and the interest rate is believed to be EXCESSIVE

** there are 2 clauses in the signed Addendum that were of concern...

First point on form states "failure to relinquish possession upon expiry of lease constitutes theft and I/we understand and and agree charges of theft may be brought against me/us"

- Threatening theft charges when possession of the car at the end of the lease maybe disputed is further evidence of questionable methods of this dealer

- Second clause of concern states that I (purchaser) agree to waive the benefit of any provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). Section 96 of the CPA makes any agreement which limits the benefits or remedies under the Act VOID!!!

- Lastly, reference was made to section 2 of The Unconscionable Transactions Relief Act, given the excessive interest rates and fees
Even if the lease document signed by myself is a valid lease, the Justice found the cost of borrowing excessive and the terms of the lease unconscionable

So, , , if you have signed any of the 3 documents listed above under the impression that you were Purchasing a vehicle from Autolist then it is well worth looking closer as today I was yet again freed from paying an additional $6000
N  26th of Nov, 2013 by    -1 Votes
Thanks for the opportunity to build up my bad credit and own a vehicle for this winters. Really appreciate all the help and would refer autolist to everyone.
N  27th of Nov, 2013 by    -1 Votes
Have been dealing with the company for quite long time. Never had any issues with their service. They gave me an opportunity to rebuild my credit score. There staff is really professional both Sales and finance, gave me enough time to close the deal and never felt being forced to sign the contract. They respectfully accept the offers. Thanks again !!
D  28th of Nov, 2013 by    -1 Votes
Never had any issues with this company. We should not forget they are helping us out by giving us car when we have a bad credit and no major bank will approve you for loan. I thanks staff of auto list and Quick Auto Lease for giving me an opportunity to rebuild my credit and help me during my worse phase of life.
D  29th of Nov, 2013 by    -2 Votes
Personal Advice to everyone. Don't believe on here what you read. They were really professional and helpful in getting me a car. People need to realize that they did not force you to sign the lease or anything such.
Great Service. Friendly Staff. Couldn't get a better price and service. Thanks again !!!
N  29th of Nov, 2013 by    -1 Votes
oops, my comment was inteneded to be for another car company, actually with autolist they have been more then helpfull, they took a chance on us when we didnt have the credit, most other car places probally wouldnt have, so with that said i think autolist has been really good. so if other people have credit issues go to autolist and chack out the detials there,
D  7th of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
These last comments must have been posted by Auto List staff only. Customers can never ever be happy from Auto list as Auto List is just has habbit to get advantage of people need the vehicle urgently and don't read papers before signing. Then later when they have to pay huge installments for leased vehicles, then they realized and come here to post their comments to feel better by telling their story and to find any idea to get rid off from this HELL called AUTO LIST.
D  9th of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
Place is great. so are salesmen and finance department. Sales Manager gave us a best deal compared to others around in Winnipeg. Happy with the car and service !
N  9th of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
Haha, I bet the last few statements on here stating how auto list is great are actually the employees of autolist. Same here folks, bought a $8000 honda with 124, 000kms on it. Sucked into a 7 year lease paying $46, 000 at the end of the day. Plus a km limit which is only 80, 000kms. which means if I do the normal 20, 000 a year that gets me into 4 years of my lease, then the next 3 years i haveto pay per km. promised as well that after 6months of making payments they will lower my interest rate from 29% to 11%. I can only buy out after 4 years of leasing, which means i would have more than doubled the cost of the vehicle even prior to the buy out fee. This company is the worst dealership i have ever come across. And yes, no doubt there are satisfied customers, this is good politics for them, but this company focuses on the desperate, bad credit folk and thats where they make there money, the good deals they make are just for show on paper to counter the complaints. There has to be a way to stop this company. Is there a website to rally customers and get a motion started here against this company cause I'll be in the front lines.
D  13th of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
It is understood that this court case is under appeal.
N  23rd of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
File no. Af

In the court of appeal

In the matter of: the court of queen’s bench small claims practices act

And in the matter of: an intended appeal from the decision on appeal of the honourable justice greenberg of the court of queen’s bench delivered november 15, 2013.


Quick auto lease inc. ,
(Plaintiff) ,
- and -

Bonnie nordin,

(Defendant) .


Notice of motion


D'arcy & deacon llp
Barristers and solicitors
2200 – one lombard place
Winnipeg, manitoba
R3b 0x7

Solicitors for the applicant (Plaintiff)
R. Ivan holloway / travis webber
Phone no. : 942 2271
Fax no. : 943 4242
Client file no. 121147 - 0001
Box 39

File no. Af
In the court of appeal

In the matter of: the court of queen’s bench small claims practices act

And in the matter of: an intended appeal from the decision on appeal of the honourable justice greenberg of the court of queen’s bench delivered november 15, 2013.


Quick auto lease inc. ,
(Plaintiff) ,
- and -

Bonnie nordin,

(Defendant) .

Notice of motion

Take notice that a motion will be made on behalf of the applicants before the honourable chambers judge at the law courts, broadway and kennedy street, winnipeg, manitoba on thursday, the 20th day of february, 2014, at the hour of 10:00 o’clock in the forenoon, or as soon thereafter as the motion can be heard, for an order:

Granting leave to the applicant pursuant to section 15 of the court of queen’s bench small claims practices act to appeal the decision on appeal of the honourable justice greenberg of the court of queen’s bench pronounced at winnipeg, manitoba on the 15th day of november, 2013.

And take notice that the grounds for the motion are as follows:

1. The learned queen’s bench justice erred in law by failing to provide clear, adequate reasons for her decision;

2. The learned queen’s bench justice erred in law by dismissing the plaintiff’s claim on the basis that there was a technical defect in the style cause, despite the fact that the trial of this matter proceeded on an “informal” basis pursuant to the court of queen’s bench small claims practices act and despite evidence that such defect was not material to a fair and proper adjudication of the dispute;

3. The learned queen’s bench justice erred in law by finding that the transaction entered into between the plaintiff and the defendant was a sale as opposed to a lease. Insofar as this finding involved a factual determination, such factual determination was unreasonable and therefore amounts to an error of law;

4. The learned queen’s bench justice erred in law by admitting extrinsic parol evidence of a lease agreement, where the terms of said lease agreement were clearly and fully set out in written form;

5. The learned queen’s bench justice erred in law by failing to consider or apply the correct test to determine a transaction was unconscionable as required under the unconscionable transactions relief act, c. C. S. M. , c. U20;

6. The learned queen’s bench justice erred in law in declaring the transaction between the plaintiff and defendant unconscionable in the absence of evidence of the defendant’s circumstances, personal characteristics, and relative bargaining power;

7. The learned queen’s bench justice erred in law by exceeding her jurisdiction when she determined that the cost to finance the chattel in this matter was “excessive” and thereby refused to give effect to a lawful lease agreement;

8. The legal issues involved in this intended appeal are matters of importance to the commerce, banking, lending industry and, in particular, to the sub - prime lending industry;

9. Collection proceedings are frequently taken against debtors in the sub - prime lending market and, accordingly, the determination of issues in this appeal will guide the determination of similar disputes in the future.

And take notice that in support of such application will be read:
(A) reasons for decision of the honourable justice greenberg delivered november 15, 2013;
(B) certificate of decision dated november 15, 2013;
(C) motions brief of the applicant;
(D) affidavit of raymond evaniuk, to be affirmed;
(E) such further and other material as counsel may advise and this honourable court may allow.

Dated the ____ day of december, 2013.

D’arcy & deacon llp
Barristers and solicitors
2200 - one lombard place
Winnipeg, manitoba
R3b 0x7

R. Ivan holloway / travis j. Webber
Lawyers for the applicant

To: the registrar of the court of appeal

And to: bonnie nordin,
Box 180
Gunton, manitoba
R0c 1h0
A  28th of Jan, 2014 by    +1 Votes
I have an important question to everyone here who leased a car from the bullcrap that is AUTOLIST..
Did they add $5, 000 to the listed price of the car? I just got one and I noticed the listing price was supposed to be $5, 000 less and all they could explain to me is that it is "company policy" to add $5, 000 on the price of a leased vehicle. With all their freaking documentation fees and all the ### they make you pay for, this totally does NOT make sense to me.
N  10th of Feb, 2014 by    0 Votes
i think we should all get together with our documentation and file a class lawsuit against this company, the more people the more our case would speak volumes, we were innocent customers looking to purchase automobiles at reasonable prices but have been tooken advantage of, they are not clear on many things, and do not follow through with what is stated in the contracts they make, i find default and therefore i find the contract i signed to be void, aslo they have told me the vehicle i was leasing was very well kept and so forth, but this week i am going to take the vehicle and get inspected by mpi and also a mechanic and get written reports made up, yes i am doing alot of research and talking to auto fraud lawyers because when im take them to court i want to have all the right documentation i have also been keeping a log book of all the times the vehicle which they say was in great shape has been breaking down on me and how i have payed into extended warranty and they have not been fixing it, and i keep track of all my questions i have made to ishwar and he has failed to answer, and also the things ishwar has said, and also how ishwar fails to provide information about the vechile and how he fails to keep his end of the contract signed ..
N  11th of Feb, 2014 by    -2 Votes
We respect and appreciate your business. We apologize for any bad experience you may have had with your vehicle, please contact us at the dealership so we can try and turn your experience around. We will make every effort to accomodate you with win win solution.
Call us today @ 1-877-289-0971 / 204-224-0636 or via contact us form at our website www.autolistofcanada.com
N  11th of Feb, 2014 by    0 Votes
im taking my vehicle to a mechanic to see if it should have even passed a saftey if its not considered safe on the road then ishwar has some explaining to do!!!
A  5th of May, 2014 by    +1 Votes
Hi I am still paying my car from auto list it is not even worth still paying all the money. We still owe 26, 000 with a lien on our house which I don't even thing that the car is going to even last us I don't think another two years. I don't know how I can get out of this lease we were planning to go to the bank and payout the car but don't know if the bank will give us the loan. I really need to know if there is any way I can get out of this lien on our house because if we wanted to even move I don't think we would even be able too. Does anybody have any good advice. I have heard soo many things about this dealership and we got our car like so many years ago and it feels like we be paying it forever but what about if the cars breaks down it wasn't even a new car and they charged over 40, 000 on it.
N  8th of May, 2014 by    0 Votes
Auto list lost the appeal. They lost the appeal. Look it up. Bonnie Nordin Vs. Quick Auto Lease.
A  13th of Oct, 2014 by    +1 Votes
I have nothing but resentment to this f'n company. I was under the impression i was purchasing the vehicle. I don't know where they come up with the purchase price then the termination fee, a lease documentation fee a lease registration fee and i am paying biweekly payments as well as the GST & PST. It is not fair that this is over 7 years and the interest is 14 thousand dollars the vehicle purchase price is 25 thousand in total of 39 THOUSAND,

I am disappointed that I was suckered in my first purchase as I paid off my 5 year lease and they told me I was PURCHASING this second vehicle as i was a good customer and paid on time and never missed a payment. Having said this I should have read the documents that i was signing, I said this is a purchase and not a lease and they assured me, they said you're a good customer, etc. I was getting frustrated as they told me this would be a fast process and i was there for 5 hours, and felt so desperate to get this over and done with. This is what they do, get you so worn out that you are more then willing to sign and get out as you sat there waiting for all those hours. I feel so f'd, I want to get out of this. I thought it was a purchase, but no it was lease documents that they printed out on. I feel as a consumer that I was scammed into a 7 year contract and they told me it was 5 years. Leasing is leasing and one shouldn't be forced to pay anything, if they don't want to lease it any longer. Wouldn't you all agree, this dealership takes advantage of people. They're rude to you, after they have you by the balls. As consumers we should be protected, if i leased something from Aaron's or rent to own, they don't come after you for $$, they re-possess and the contract is capoot!. There must be some regulation on preying upon the poor, what are the Consumer Complaints department doing with such a company. They should be kyboshed, I remembered when I did my first car (purchase) lease they also included some kind of warranty on the documents. This isn't fair, they should be shut down and bankrupt!
A  19th of Mar, 2015 by    0 Votes
I am stuck in this mess, just as all of you were. The only problem is I don't know how to get out of it. I got a car due to the new job I had gotten. I didn't have the best credit, and the was the only place that would listen to me. I have never missed a payment, and within a year my car was acting up and asked to give it back for a new one. So what Auto List did was added the total left owing on my first car and added it to my new "lease" and now have locked me in a 14 YEAR LEASE!!! The total I would have to pay to get this paid for is 152, 000. This is ludacris and I can't do this. I pay $744 a month for a car that is listed on the Black Book for $16, 000. I asked to give the car back, as I would probably have to file bankrupcy, but all they said was that they would lower my payments for the next 6 payments. Look, I pay for a car that is more expense than my rent. This is crazy, I need help out of this mess. I was just going to drop the car off, give them the keys and walk away, if another place can help me get a car I can afford, I will be there in a flash. If anyone can help me, please help. Email address is sirtoks@gmail.com

Thank you in advnace.
A  15th of Jun, 2015 by    0 Votes
Hello everybody,

So we purchased a car from autolist trading in our other car we had from them because the car had it and we had no choice but to trade that car in. We had no idea that our house was being put on lien we didn't know how to get out of it but we did find out how we had to refinance our home payout the stupid autolist so we are clear of them. Also even though it was paid out so many other fees they charged us also if when anybody goes to buy a car from them do not let him (ishwar) talk you into not paying for 9/10 months because on top of that they charge so much interest. We have learned out lesson from these people so the only way we got out of it was to refinance out home if anyone is interested in who we got to help us please reply. Thank you.

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