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I purchased a PCM from Auto Module Source over a month ago. The item did not fix the problem in my car and I called to ask if it could be returned. I was told that the return was being started within 14 days so they would not charge a restock fee. I sent the pcm back and provided full shipping information. I checked back later after the item was delivered only to find that they had charged a restock fee. I called in and was told that they had made a mistake that they would refund the restock fee. I waited another week and called again only to be told I needed to speak to a manager. The manager discussed it with me and then said again that they would send the issue to billing and I would be refunded. I waited another week and called again and then this morning was told they are not going to refund the restocking fee despite telling me twice that they would. It is not the money that bothers me so much as being lied to twice by two different departments. At best its bad customer service and not knowing what to tell a customer, at worst its lying to a customer and fraud. I simply want what they told me they would do in the first place which was to refund all my money including the restocking fee.

Jan 31, 2017

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