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I wrote shacking up 40 reasons why not to and it can be found on Dr. Laura Schlessingers "reading corner" she has 10 million listeners a day and I haven't seen a dime in the last three years...oh Im sorry they just sent a check for $1.28. These people need to be prosecuted for stealing royalties from writers...I've asked a few lawyers and they don't want to take it on a contingency basis...this needs to be a class action suit...we need to fight this until all of the writers recieve what they've earned and author house needs to be shut down...

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  • Vr
      Nov 08, 2009

    Kamber Edelsen of Chicago is interested in class action against this company so you might want to contact them, very successful firm

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  • Ro
      Dec 21, 2009

    My name is Robin Alexis. I have self-published 2 books with Authorhouse. I have my own radio show called, "Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis" in Seattle WA, Detroit and Boston plus on AOL RADIO and GOOGLE powered by CBS RADIO. My name and books are all over the internet. Last year our show won 2nd price for being the most listened to show on our KKNW Alternative Talk Radio 1150AM station and yet I receive royalty checks for $2.21. I would love to particpate in a class action suit. Sign me up. My number is [protected]. I want all my material, my money, and my legal fees payed for by Authorhouse. I don't want them to have any product or right to sell my product anywhere anymore.

    Robin Alexis

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  • Ca
      Dec 25, 2009

    My name is Carl Coggins. I used AuthorHouse as my publisher to do a book called Mr. Bow Bow.This is
    an lnspirational book for children to introduce them to the advantages of choosing to live a christain life.
    I'm 69 years old. I retired from the textile world. I was involved in the creative end of that business,
    doing art, and illustration for 48 years. So to explain, I did all the art, the story, sent it to them in a PDF
    file, and all they had to do was simply "burn" the plates and print.
    I started this project in Feb. 2009. Lots of work on my end, and received a check for a whooping $2.13.
    We owe it to others, and to ourselves, to stop these people from ripping us off.
    Why can't we join hands in a class action law suit and give AuthourHouse what they derserve. This has
    been mentioned by others, but, lets do it.
    Carl Coggins Phone [protected]. E- mail address [protected]
    May God bless you all, and have a Merry Christmas!

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  • Ol
      Jan 06, 2010

    you guys are lucky i have not recieve a dime for royalties yet my book is all over the place a bestseller, im looking for agent seriously my numer is [protected] [protected]@ pretty dresses is the name of the book they are thieves

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  • Ol
      Jan 06, 2010

    authouhouse is back at it again, they did not pay me any royalties yet my book is selling fast and it a bestseller thses is unfair and they wont pick up or they ingnore my emaiul, they insulted me many times what is gooing on 7

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  • Ti
      May 20, 2010

    I am interested in a class action lawsuit, if anyone wants to initiate it please call me @[protected]. My name is Tina Louise Ristine and I published a book titled The Capture of Osama binLaden in 2007 with authorhouse. I rec'd royalties in 2007 and 2008 but no royalities in 2009 and 2010 yet. I thought maybe it was because of the recession but no I am not positive cuz I know I sold one book in 2009 to my local library and never rec'd a royality for it yet.

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  • Jo
      Dec 12, 2010

    So what should I do about the same Situation? I published 2 books with AH this year on April. 2nd Quarter royalty was less then $80 and Just received 3rd Quarter royalty for $3.45. AS the way I see in other website like amazon, some seller are selling Used book for little less cheaper..which means that my books are selling here and there but why I am not getting and royalty?Please can email me at [protected] TY!!

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  • Bu
      Apr 30, 2011

    Instead of complaining, why haven't you sued?

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  • Ka
      Feb 23, 2012

    PLEASE CONTACT ME AT [protected] I have experienced many of things you have. I will try to contact people who have complaints. In the meantime contact me at my e-mail address. Thanks. I'm looking forward to speaking with you. K. McWilliams

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