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I am a prospective author submitted my scripts to be published with Authorhouse. My experience with the process of publishing was quite interesting and revealing to me. Reading some of the complaints of my fellow publishers especially those distinquished authors with experience had shown me that it could not be perfect as i believed at first, but however as authors we need to assist the company in making sure that the results of the business corresponds to what is set in its books. I am particularly happy that authorhouse is there and i believe in its services so far and please as authors let us get organised to maximize what the company can offer to us. The rating on BBB should not be a big problem to us as long as we can profess on the realizations of our expectations in publishing a book.

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  • Ge
      Oct 05, 2010

    I am always looking at the interest of both parties where as an author consentrate more on the success of their work in terms of sales, promotion and finance while at the other end publishers would always insure that their investment is worth their decision to publish a book with appealing title and story with demand. Perhaps one of them, Authors and publishers should answer a question as, why such a book? Surely money can not be the supreme reason, but yet people should enmass read a book. Does an author need to blame a publisher for anything? I believe only in the case of unfairness by the publishers that we, authors, should complain bitterly, but not when our books are not selling or when we lack creativity to realize our expectations.

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  • Ge
      Feb 03, 2012

    Why is there a delay in sending the royalty statements at Author House? I believe in your service and thanks that my first novel was successfully published and I am still looking forward to publish other books with you and do marketing as well. The delays are however scaring me. What changes are there in your yearly quarters for the payment of royalties. Please do something for our sake.

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