Austin Research Institute, Inc.Paid SERVICES "NOT" Rendered.....!

On March 02, 2016 @ 9:41PM, I Ordered some "Product" fro them (Austin Research Institute) :

Reciept # [protected].43A

Sales ORDER # 180323

(3) Bottles of ATTRACT-X
(1) Bottle of TRUST Enhancer...For a total of $ 228.40 . Which have already been Charged to my Credit card! I would like to know Why I haven't gotten my product (1)..., And (2) Why is it so hard to make contact with this Company if they are So Up front and Honest? I am getting the feeling I have been taken advantage of...I would like to Think I made the right choice in choosing them, I just hope I am NOT Wrong and can resolve this issue with Me Receiving What I "PAID FOR"!


Kevin L. Haymer


Mar 09, 2016

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