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to explain what exactly happened,

On march 3rd I tried to make a purchase thorough the website,
For an item a screw that cost no more then 7.60$ then with the shipping fee the total price was 26.62$ total price with handle fee and shipping charge, that was after I filled up the full information of shipping, and since I use paypal from 2008 I always trusted their way and security, so I made the choice to pay through paypal, then I went to paypal screen for check out and total price, the total was 26.62$ so I clicked yet, and then it took me back to the original website to confirm everything, then I clicked confirm, and suddenly the price changed from 26.62$ to 11, 026.62$ and my card was charged, and I got sms on my phone that I was charged this amount, i was totally shocked, and immediately I called my bank phone service, and reported, then the support person stoped my credit card, then filled up my compline, then i contacted PAYPAL and reported the situation.

Then i contacted the seller, and he explained to me the order was canceled and the orders statues in the website is marked as canceled, I have screen shot of that, and then seller said he never got the money, " you have the email that i forward to you as prove"

Then after paypal refused to fix the problem, i had to call USA phone call with paypal to explain the situation, the support person who answered me was shocked, and said this is totally wrong, i will make paypal fix it, and then they opened the case again for me and they said they will fix it,

They said after 9 they will wait for seller reply and then i will get my money back

After 11 days, nothing happened, and i got reply from my paypal that again my case is closed and the money is given to the seller, you have the reply from them that i sent, only way to fix this is the seller refund me.

So i contacted the seller again and told him about the situation, he accused me of being fraud and saying nonsense things, and in the end he said he don't have my money, and he did not ship anything to me, so i told him thank you,

and then called USA paypal again and explained it to another support person who answered me, which they said this is really weird and never happened before, and as a loyal customer of paypal we even opened the case twice which is very rare to happen, for investigation, and yet this,
They showed signs of doubt and not understanding of what is going on,

And they said they will personally look into this, as its not normal, and call me Monday 2/April /2018 and until now nothing happened,

Form the start this was scam, and i was tricked after i got the conformation of the total price the price switched to something else, and please take a look at it, how come a small 7.60$ item, will cost 11, 026.62$ as total fee in the end? Something is not right, and i ask you please to kindly take action and help me with this

Thank you so much for understanding and support,

The seller keep telling every review site, that its fake and I never bought from him, . I have messages from websites like resellerrating And so on as proof.

AusPCMarket Australia / Thinkcore Systems
AusPCMarket Australia / Thinkcore Systems
AusPCMarket Australia / Thinkcore Systems

Apr 05, 2018

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