Aul Warranty / Not honoring warranty

Reno NV, United States

In 2012 I cosigned with my daughter on a 2004 Volkswagon Beetle and due to the age of the car we were urged to purchase AUL under the hood warranty. On 12/05/14 the antifreeze light came on and immediately the engine started smoking. It was towed to Dolan Toyota-Scion where the car and warranty were purchased and we discovered the antifreeze hose was cracked and blew the entire motor. AUL would not honor any of this! They said the hose that caused it was not covered! Talk about a nasty loophole! This company is a rip-off and I am taking it to the BBB immediately. We are stuck with a blown engine, car payment, and a dealershilying about the warranty!

Jan 26, 2015

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