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AUL Corp service contracts / Vehicle repair warranty

1 Napa, CA, United States
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I bought a AUL warranty from a good car dealership in Castle Rock, Colorado. I paid about $1600 for the warranty. I had the car a year and put about 1500 miles on it. I don't dive the car very much. I had a cylinder head failure on the right side. I took it in to the dealership I bought the car from and they started the work on the vehicle. They contacted AUL and it took over Two Weeks for them to approve the repair. AUL said that the warranty had a $3000 max, but nowhere in the contract it stated that. They finely agreed to pay the bill and the vehicle was repaired. Almost three weeks later I got my car back. Two days later I found oil on my driveway and took my car back to the dealership. They said that when the waive spring came apart it cracked the valve cover and that's where the oil leak was coming from. The dealership contacted AUL for authorization for that repair and they said it was caused by the cylinder head coming apart the valve cover was not covered under their warranty. I spoke to a supervised at AUL and he said that it was not listed as a warranty part on the contract it would not be covered. I asked him if a bolt is not listed on the warranty and it was damaged and unusable due to the engine failure would that be covered. He said no. Only the parts listed. I bought a powertrain warranty and I asked him is the valve cover part of the engine and is the engine part of the powertrain? He would not answer me. I asked him several times and he still would not respond. He told me that I was being unreasonable and rude and I was treating him and his company because I was thinking about contacting a lawyer and he ended the call. I have to pay $350 to get my car back because this company will not honor their contract!

Nov 22, 2016

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