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ATS Diesel / Horrible company

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This all started March 4th with a phone call to a Jacob Kostrzewa in the sales department. Seemed to be a good guy and tried to help me get a wire harness for a cp3 pump that had gone bad. Since mine was one of the first ones they sent out it had 3 wire's instead of two.

After many attempts to explain this i could tell he just didn't understand. He was still trying to sell me a two wire harness for 4 bucks. So i emailed him two very good pictures of the three wire harness on March 5th. He said that the tech new just what i needed now and it was to be spliced in and not the whole harness and he would send it out. He also said it would be 6 dollars two dollars higher than the whole harness was originally, but i didn't care i just wanted to get the truck up and running. Even though they should of just covered it.

After a week and two days still no part. i called Jacob several times and he told me i would get a tracking number in my email. I still as of April 7th 2009 have not received another email from him. He then proceeded to tell me that it was sent by the post office and had no tracking number so he would resend the part again via ups and send me a tracking number but only if i called and reminded him to do his job later that day. (like it is my job to call and remind the guy to do his job).

I get a box from ATS on 3-20-09 by ups great my part is here. i open the box and to my surprise after all this time i get the wrong part. I call back on Monday 3-23-09 i asked him why i got the wrong part after i spent time sending pictures of the right one? It must have been the techs fault. i will send out another box via ups he said with the correct part. I call back to get a tracking number and what do you know they sent it out regular mail with no tracking number (the same way the first box was sent that never made it.

On April 3rd I gave up on jacob and tried to get mike the manager on the phone all day but he just happened to be out of his office every time i called in and never returned my call. Day two of trying to get mike or clint the owner on the phone. No such luck. The secretary that answered the phone said that he was researching the problem. How hard is it to just send the part and forget it we are not talking about a lot of money.

I still as of April 7th have nothing but one box with the wrong part. All i want is to get the wright part and be done with the whole stupid thing. In there defense i will say that i have not been charged for anything as of yet. That still does not help the fact that i am without a truck for a month from a bad wire on there harness in the fist place. By the way the wrong wire harness they sent has two nicks in it as well and over time would fail just like the one did on my truck. Of course i am the only one with this problem according to them.

Is Ats a bad company? I can think of worse but i will advise you to stay away from them. They are not taking care of there past customers but are right there to sell a new customer a part. This is there cp3 pump that i have and they can't even get me the right part. What the heck is the problem. My truck has been down for over a month now and Ats does not care to make the customer happy. They have already made there money on me and could care less about me now. I would think twice about ordering anything from these guys. I have seen many different complaints about customer service and bad transmission.

also this is not my first problem with this pump. i have had one other problem with the pump and it was due to a leaking fuel line coming out of the pump. another problem they had to fix with there pumps.


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