Asus Zenfone 6 / defective product

Sonepat, India

I had bought asus zenfone 6 worth rs 16999/- in july 2014. there started arising several problems after 2 3 months.

First time when I visited the service center, they just did formatting and gave it back to me as the problem with its 'gallery not responding' was corrected. but touch problem remained as-it-is which I got to know within 2 3 days of using it.

Then, after a month it started showing "no sim" problem due to which I again approached the service centre submitted it.

The problem with touch still persisted. moreover, after one month, the sim problem again popped up which in turn forced me to visit the customer care center. this time it took a week to get it done.

Now, i'm having the problem with its speakers sound, mic (my voice is not audible to the other end of the call) along with the problem of touch (which is there since the beginning).

The warranty is about to end next month. I visited the service center to get it fixed before the warranty ends. I asked them to replace the set altogether as it has been rankling me persistently since I bought the handset. but they said that they do not have any provision of replacement. however after the prolonged query they gave me a email address and asked to mail my problem and wait for response.
So I mailed and they responded as 'we have a replacement policy of 7 working days from the date of purchase for any mfg. defect and post this a repair warranty'

Am I as a customer is supposed to run from pillar to post to get my handset repaired? the handset has proved to be of such a sub-standard quality that it has refused to work properly despite its being given for repair so many times within its warranty period. what sort of "customer-care" they are providing when in fact I am being harassed than being cared. when the handset has already time and again proved to be of low-quality, the minimum they should do to me is to replace it with a new one. why I am using the words "the minimum" is because after so much of trouble and harassment I have lost my trust in this so-called big brand - asus, and I don't want to be associated with any of its products. the reason why I purchased asus moblie phone only and bypassing all other options available was its quality and thus reliability. but all such things are conspicuous by their absence.
It is my humble request from this platform to raise the awareness about this issue and wake them up from their complacency.
Thank you.
Ecstatic. [protected]

Jun 29, 2015

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