Asus U30jc - B1defective flat panel

I purchased an ASUS U30JC notebook computer online from B&H Photo on Nov. 30, 2010. The computer was back-ordered, so I didn't receive it until Dec. 10 via UPS. Upon installing the battery and powering up the computer, I noticed that there was a large rectangular area of white pixels in the upper left hand corner of the screen. I immediately called B&H Photo after discovering this, only to find out that their customer support lines were closed already. I also noticed on the back of the receipt from B&H that they do not take returns or exchanges on original manufacturer's computers, which was quite surprising. So I decided to call up ASUS directly to handle the problem, and got an RMA and free shipping tag in an email, but only after 3 hours of waiting for the email and realizing that they must not have sent it to the correct email address. After calling again, they admitted that they sent it to the wrong email address, and sent the info a second time. I packed up the computer and sent it via FedEx on Sunday, Dec. 12. I kept checking the repair status on the ASUS website, and they didn't receive the unit until Dec. 20. So much for free shipping. Anyway, it turns out that they claim that the defect is a "Customer Induced Defect", and that the unit is out of warranty, even though it is brand new, and they claim that it will cost me $300 to fix the unit. I have since contacted B&H Photo, and they are trying to help me, but they suggested that I register the unit online before they get involved. B&H told me that there is supposed to be a 1 year Accidental Damage Warranty (ADW) that covers drops, spills, power surges, etc., and that this should cover the defect, if they claim that the bad pixels are a result of the unit being banged around during shipping. I feel like this is a bunch of BS, because ASUS is also supposed to have what they claim is a "Zero Bright Dot Guarantee", which states that they'll replace the screen if you find a single bad pixel. Hell, my screen had 100's of bad pixels, and they aren't willing to replace it free of charge. One other big problem that I have to overcome is that when I registered on line for the ADW warranty, they say that the registration is not valid until a confirmation email has been sent with a confirmation number, and in order to complete the registration, I have to send the confirmation email, via U. S. mail to them, along with my receipt from B&H Photo. Well, it has been 6 hours now since I registered for the ADW, and I still have not received the confirmation email. It is very clear to me that ASUS is not willing to back up its warranties and they make sure that it is a painful process for customers to be able to use their warranties. It is very sad, because I have another ASUS computer that I never have had any problems with. I have contacted the credit card company that I purchased the computer with so that I don't have to pay for the computer until the issue is resolved, so that is the only good thing that has occurred so far with this mess. I've attached a photo of the screen defect. Anybody with any knowledge of LCD displays will tell you that this is a manufacture defect, not something that would occur as a result of dropping the notebook. It should have been an open and shut case, with ASUS just replacing the screen or the entire unit. It's very surprising that in today's economy, companies are willing to treat their customers like crap. All I can say is don't ever buy a computer via mail order. Stick with your local stores, and avoid trying to find a "bargain" on line.

Asus U30jc - B1


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