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Asus / customer svc & tech support

1 Fremont, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 888-678-3688

Asus = fail
When I first bought the zenbook 2 years ago, I started having trackpad issues with it and the problems were well documented all over the internet. sending it in under warranty was a painless process and it was returned in less time than anticipated. I became a loyal asus fan immediately.
It's been two years... their customer service ratings have plummeted... all the way to to bottom 320 of the worst... and it's easy to see why. here's my nightmare;

My zenbook has worked flawlessly, but after heavy use all the key designations had worn off leaving nothing but blank, unidentifiable key pads. the trackpad needed a reconditioning too. I called and was given a quote of $101 to $115 dollars by "nick"... then when I called back a week later I spoke to derrick who gave me the same price, to which I agreed, was given an rma # and sent the computer in.
A week later I get an e-mail stating the charges to fix my computer will be $690 dollars. no explanation or breakdown of costs... but a notice that if not paid in 48 hours the unit will be returned as it was received.
I did the "dispute" e-mail only interaction, which (simplified) goes like this;
Me: what's wrong that costs $690.00 when I was quoted $101.00?
Asus: computer won't boot up with a new os install - need to replace a "part".
Me: what "part"?
Asus: there is no break-down of parts - it's just a 'flat-rate' price.
Me: how does that work? no one just blindly pays a price that's 700% higher than originally quoted without a thorough and solid explanation. please explain.
Asus: that's how it's done. if you don't want us to fix it, we'll return it.
Me: I gave you a working computer - I want a working computer back. is my computer working? will it still work when I get it back?

There was no answer - so I called the number I had [protected] to find out there is no nick or derrick working there, but cawayne could help. after reviewing the info, he couldn't understand why the price changed so dramatically either and put me on hold for over an hour... only to come back and tell me he doesn't know what the problem is either but I could make the payment and they'd fix the computer.
(... crappy, scripted, answer... and the hold time is designed to wear people down and get them to pay... which works most of the time... but no on me.)
I balk and request a supervisor.. who came on the line 48 minutes later (I am willing to show anyone my hours-long phone records to this company)... her name is kimoya, who claims she does not have a phone number or e-mail address, and that no one in customer service or tech support does!!!
(... not having direct communication with someone in a cust service or tech support is a clear sign that those two services are being farmed out... to other countries... and I was right... I was calling the island of jamaica in the caribbean.)
Turns out, kimoya can't see the e-mail-only dialogue i'm having with the repair facility and will need to put me on hold (!) to get that info. she comes back on to tell me that they only have a "flat rate" to repair my computer. I explain that if her car broke and they said it was $100 dollars to repair it, but later they said $700 dollars but we can't list what's being done cause it's a "flat rate"... "what would you do?"... she started laughing (actually we both were for the ridiculousness of the analogy) and said she'd try to get a better answer and get back to me but I should try again to get a better answer through the e-mail service to tech support.

As you'd suspect... the e-mail dialogue to tech support was futile, and kimoya never returned the call... so back on the phone I go again;
First to leon... he can't help.
Then to markette (?)... I couldn't understand him... he put me on hold a few times then disconnected me.
Call back to elroy... same answers to any question I asked... and that's when I realized they only have 5 answers... no matter what the question is... and it always points to "pay us or we will return your item un-repaired".
( all fairness to the above list... it is not their fault they seem incompetent. it's their training. as long as this type of service gets 90% of the jobs completed for 50% the money it would cost to have asus run an in-house team to answer legitimate questions... it's a profitable way to do business... to blame those people is a fools accusation.)

I asked elroy for a "super-supervisor"... I waited on hold for 91 minutes for roger. he seemed to care a touch more and identified well with my situation, saying he would call to the tech center and get back to me. which he did... but his answer had a big hole in it... they were going to replace one part, which in no place on earth costs $600 dollars... and based on the reason they said it had to be replaced means it was probably a not that part, but rather the motherboard... and if i'm right, would I be charged more money on top of the money spent for them to fully diagnose what really was wrong?
(... put you seat-belts on, his answer was mind-boggling...)
He said, "they don't know, they didn't take the computer apart yet, this is only a 'diagnostic test' and might not be the final cost". adding that I could pay the invoice on line to get it fixed.
(... I lost my s*...)

I was couldn't believe my ears. I asked him to call me back in 30 minutes as I was about to scream in frustration.

Roger never called back and after 2 hours I called in. while on hold for 48 minutes, I heard over-and-over the chant about how great asus is and how many awards they have won for product and service. maybe it brain-washes some, so while I waited I looked it up and can't find what they're talking about. the complaint boards, bbb and others list this company as one of thee worst.
It was then I realized, asus doesn't care about the after-sale. for all repairs under question, it will always go back to their scripted response that is essentially a cross between a hi-jacking and a kidnapping request...
"pay us on our terms or we'll send it back to you un-repaired and unusable."

While I waited on hold the clock ticked past closing time and I was disconnected.

I called today and was told that roger had closed my rma# and my computer was being returned... not fixed... not working... and in worse condition than I sent it in.

If you've read this far... it's only because you too are disgusted with asus and how they are treating/treated you too. write your story here and on the bbb site and everywhere else you can post it.
It will have an effect on their reputation and sales. no one should go through the process and aggravation we all have experienced on this and other sites.

Asus = fail.

Jun 11, 2015

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