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Asus / bad service

1 Malaysia Review updated:

To ASUS customer service manager:

Hi, I'm Wayne from Malaysia. I would like to complain that your Malaysia base service center totally provided me bad services. I've sent my Asus Laptop F3SV which is under warranty to your services center due to mother board problem. Your guy promised me I can get back my laptop in 1 week time. But now I've been waiting for 3 weeks, I still haven't get back my laptop. Your guy said still need to wait few more week due to no stock in mother board. What is this #ing service?.. Your Asus is big company, don't tell me even 1 mother board you don't have this 3 weeks time, i'm not able to do my work without my laptop. I'm really angry with this. Hope you will take action. Or even better you can replace a new laptop for me if you still want me to wait.!!


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  • Go
      7th of Jan, 2009
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    Talk about the absolute worst company to be on the face of planet earth. Asus is terrible. This is my second board I have purchased in about 4 years. My newest has been the worst ever. Started with a bad ethernet port. So I sent it back to them for an RMA. 5 weeks later I get the same board back in the exact same condition. So I complain like any customer would and they get me to their high priority custom list with the advanced replacement. They are supposed to notify me when they get my paperwork the same day. I did some checking around and here 4 days later I have yet to hear from them. Some high priority their customers are. I would highly recommend staying away from asus until they get their act together (which wont be soon). This company clearly does not care about the customer one damn bit!!!

  • Le
      28th of Jan, 2009
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    I bought a Asus R1F tablet PC almost 2 yrs ago, it came with 2 yr warranty. Every since i bought it, the problems started, initially it was due to the default installed programs that would cause to make the laptop unstable, so customer service reps asked me to uninstall programs pre installed. After that my the laptop screen kept turning off at 1/2 battery life and had to restart the computer. This became really annoying so i send it in last year in may. They reformatted the HDD and send the computer back in 2 weeks. this happened again after 2 weeks once i started using the the tablet daily. so again i sent it in to repair it and they once again reformatted the HDD and send it back. and the problem duplicated it self. The tablet was sent in total of 4 times for the same issue. Basically Asus never fixed this issue but was waiting for my warranty to run out. Now they say i have to replace the motherboard and i have to pay for it since its out of warranty. They could have replaced the mother board 6 months ago when the tablet was first sent it. but since the warranty just expired, it dawned on them that the issue is motherboard.

    I DO NOT recommend YOU BUY any asus products. When i came to this site, realized its just not me but 80% of the people are dissatisfied with asus.


  • Ja
      20th of Apr, 2009
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    I totally agree with you. Asus normally seducse its customers with allegedly better specifications at competitive prices, and makes rosy promises and boasts on how it is No.1 in Quality and Service according to WallStreet Journal Asia. (don't know how they managed to bribe the journal to comment as such).

    If you happen to own any Asus product, your first nightmare will begin when you visit the service centre. The ignorant technicians will give you cold shoulders to your complaints and enquiries, and provide irrelevant answers and horrendous solutions. For example, if some of you know, Asus doesn't provide an original Windows CD like Dell does, and only provide a customized recovery CD. My recovery CD doesn't work at all, and I've requested Asus to fix this for me. The answer given was that 'the recovery CD 'SHOULD WORK' so it's not THEIR PROBLEM. I asked so what happens if I need to recover after my warranty expires, they said juz come back and pay us 60 Dollars and we'll help you recover.

    also I've been back to the service centre for recurring problems such as faulty, overheating HardDisk drive for my M50Sv.

    and I think Asus is really a disappointing company trying to rake in profits by producing cheaply built products with low stability. Sigh, really regretted that I have given Asus a chance that they don't deserve.

    and oh yeah, just if you think your complaint will be heard, think twice. Asus is just so famous for their ignorant and close-one-eye attitude. The customer service centre will juz pretend that they've nvr seen ur complaints, and will hope that as time passes you will forget about it.

    That's Asus, No. 1 in Built and Quality by WallStreet Journal Asia.


  • Ko
      5th of May, 2009
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  • Ko
      5th of May, 2009
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    I agree they pretend that nothing happend im calling them over a month and every time they think im calling first time.

    adress in uk in case somebody would need it

    FAO Chris Ferris,

    Triage Services

    Townsend Farm Road

    Houghton Regis



    LU5 5BA

    It was ver hard to get it as they not entiled to give it .

  • Je
      12th of May, 2009
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    Have 1 year old MB that that I RMA'd . It took almost 4 weeks to get the board back. No explanation on the repair just put into a box and shipped back. Oh I did find out later that they e-mailed us to let us know it shipped. Installed the MB still same problem, although I could get it to post with 1 stick of memory. Started an RMS with memory company (thinking it was the memory & not MB) and 2 weeks later the MB went again. Called ASUS tech support and started another RMA and asked them if they could ship another MB and I was told they could request this but it would take 1-2 days to get an answer. If they refuse to ship another board I would have to follow the RMA procedure. I tried reasoning with the tech and all I got was verbage about procedures. Very well trained employees. Asked to speak to supervisor and I was told one was not available.

  • Fu
      6th of Jun, 2009
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    I have owned 3 ASUS motherboards in 6 years and had 4 RMAs...ASUS is the armpit of computer products

  • Jx
      1st of Aug, 2009
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    To put is as nicely as I can: ASUS STINKS! They have had my computer for 6 weeks for LCD repair under warranty. They have never contacted me with any information. I have called at least once a day for the past week asking for some sort of status report, been promised return calls and NEVER received one. Finally, last night, got an e-mail saying they had no information available on the repair status!!! I assume they are waiting for the warranty to expire. Obviously this is standard practice at ASUS. Anybody know of a national(US) or international body to complain to? Judy

  • As
      1st of Sep, 2009
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    I totally agree with you as I'm in the same situation. I bought an Asus laptop last month and firstly, i cant logon to my windows because it required a password which i don't know and its a new laptop. Well they told me that those technician might have forgot to remove the password when they are checking on the laptop and i dint bother bout it much. When i start using my laptop for a week or 2 then my laptop freeze randomly. They asked me to recover data and i did but the problem still there. So, i send in for repair with no worried at all cause i trust Asus will repair this problem for me as i thought they offer good services and this is also the only reason y i bought Asus to replace my DELL laptop. Well, when they return the laptop to me the problem is still there. I just start using it for 1 week and i found that the freezing is still going on. They told me that they change a "NEW MOTHERBOARD" for me but that doesnt make any sense. If they had changed it for me, why is the problem still there. So I'm gonna send it back in for repair the second time. If the problem still occur and they don't replace a new laptop for me, I'm gonna make a complain straight to the manager. They need to understand that we have no time keep sending them back for repair. They should have check it before return it to me...

  • Gu
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    Dear Sir,
    We are Rt Star Solitares bought your motherboard of dual proccessor which is mention as L1N64-SL WS before one year. We face lot of problem in it. Display not showing that's why we submit that two board at Rashi Peripherals on date 7Aug2009 to Mr. Ankitbhai. They tell us he will give us board within 15 days. They return it me after 25 days in same condition and telling that company is not able to solve this problem. Board is too costaly, we bought it from asus because of it's quality and service what we didn't get. Why they are doing with us we don't know. We need 5 more board for new system if you serve like this so how can we think about this board. In second board they replace us but doesn't work. Problem continues yet. They telling us take it it is ok but it isn't. Sometimes engineeres are not availble so they send it without checking. We are lot of disturbdue to this bad service. Please give us solution as soon as possible.Alt email id

  • Gu
      8th of Sep, 2009
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  • Dh
      21st of Nov, 2009
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    I purchased a "top of the line" Asus notebook August 3, 2009. Has sticker "Buy now for FREE Update to Windows 7!" (Eligible PC Model :G71GX, Original Windows® OS Installed : Windows® Vista Home Premium 64-BIT, Existing Windows® OS language installed : English)
    Registered for the Windows 7 upgrade, had problems, Asus USA sent alternate registration method and it was approved - August 4, 2009.
    Since then, despite emails (response within 10 days - HA! After several months, still no response to email other than the automatic notice that the message was received) and telephone calls, nothing.
    I expected delays with the release. I did not expect total silence.
    I teach computer science. ALL of my students know about this negative experience with Asus. Our department will not be purchasing anything from Asus on any campuses.
    Plus, the documentation with the system is incomplete as is the website information. I did not expect this from a well known company like Asus.

  • Eb
      7th of Dec, 2009
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    bought my asus laptop whichs model ls F3Sc on february of 2008.
    I bought and used your brand very ambitiously. but after 8 months of buying, it starts to be down periodically.
    My computer was down each of 6 months for the sama mistake system 32 file is missing or corrupted.
    All of my datas were gone for each time. It was a very terrrible situation. Since I'm a master student, it repeated before submitting projects and papers.
    I set up windows on my own and continued my life. Up to 4th crash on october of 2009. I lost my photos taken my England holiday.
    And then I was sure that this computer has a hardware problem. I suspected that it arises from a problem of hard-disk and then my adventure of asus techinal service started.

    After 2 weeks of giving my lap-top to service, they returned me that since the pc hadn't got any hardware problem, they did not make any change. The downing problem arises from my mistake. I tried to explain that I've got norton virus protection programme . There were no virus. And all of programmes were installed to my friends notebook, why my notebook is down and her notebook not? Instead of explaining, he just shouted at me. At the end of the conversation, I realized that we can't find any solution, I returned my home with notebook.
    As I supposed, my lap-top was down again. But this time is so short. Not 6 months it was down after one week of receiving my laptop back. DOUBTFULLY!!

    of course I went to service with my notebook again on 4th november. after 2 weeks, I called the service, they informed me that they are waiting for hard-disk from taiwan. They hadn't got any hard disk in their stock. Waiting made me feel terrible. Since all of my life depends on my computer. I've got a lot of thing to do. especially It caused postponing of submitting my thesis, it means I can't graduate on time. I borrow my friends pc to do my homework. Then after passing one week, I've got a call from asus. he said me that during testing my laptop, the fan was stopped suddenly and then they opened the pc and realized that the problem arised from motherboard. there was a user mistake, guarantee does not cover my pc. He claimed that I spilled one glass of water on computer ALTHOUGH I DID NOT! If it can be proven, I'm ready to prove it. I did not spill anything on my pc. I swear. Only I use this computer. none can spill it. I did not understand how a glass of water spilled 1.5 years ago(since my computer started to be down for same mistake 1.5 ago) caused crashing problem, when I use this computer periods in 6 months with overperformance. I hadn't got any problem about performance or fan.
    I've just asked an sensible explanation, he said me "you said sensible explanation sensible explanation, I did not make the device, how I know why this problem arise"

    I've got some questions to you;

    Asus informed me that my pc hadn't got any hardware problem, and then they found an hardware problem on the same pc. What was changed?
    Although these tests were made on first time, there were not any problem, But the second time there was a huge problem. Why? what was changed?
    My pc hadn't got any problem like stopping fan or working slowly, why these problems arised after I gave my pc to your service?
    although my laptop was down for each 6 months up to giving to service why it was down after one week after service ?what happened to my computer in there?
    Why asus member couldn't give any sensible explanation for the problem when he blamed me what I did not?
    If spilling water on the pc cause crashing in periodically, why asus members didn't open the pc on first time? Why they didn't check the motherboard before?

    How can asus compensate my lost 2 months? I will submit my thesis 2 months later than I planned because of lack of my computer, it means I'll graduate 2 months lately. Since I can't reach internet, I missed so many job opportunities. for this 2 months I've got psychological problem since I've got only computer in my dormitory room.
    My notebook was like a window opening to world for me.

  • Sh
      17th of Dec, 2009
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    After sales Service from Asus singapore is really bad, their service support staff were very ill-mannered towards customers.
    Many people bought their Asus mainboard and discovered the mainboard faulty after a few days. Nowadays their mainboard is manufactured in china and not in Taiwan and other countries, they will push away their responsibility and refer consumers to their distributors or suppliers. ASUS products which were in china have a lot of hardware problems which is on par like the china diary milk product Sanlu Group and china lead-poison toys hazards issue. I bought a F6 Asus notebook form Funan Digital life mall only for 2 days and it became faulty. So I went back to the Notebook dealer in funan to request for a refund, they rejected me and they told me they can't replace my faulty unit with a new working unit. Eventually the Dealer refers me to the Asus service center which is the ADELPHI building opposite funan digital life mall. I was so angry and upset and I went to the ASUS service center, I requested for an exchange of the unit. The Asus Counter staffs me that their company doesn’t have such policy.

    They would provide servicing of the notebook and exchange faulty hardware parts which I can't believe it and accept the fact. I was so piss off with their servicing and product quality, I used 3 ASUS mainboard previously and it was still working fine then. I noticed Asus quality is no good like before like its legend history, I think Hewlett Packard, Dell, Fujitsu and Acer quality and services is far better than ASUS. Not just their service is better than ASUS and I found out that those brand also manufactured their notebooks in china like ASUS. I have waited for 2 weeks to get my ASUS notebook fixed instead of 3 working days as what they said they would speed up the process initially, I was not happy for what they did and they break their promised. So I requested to see their Manager in charge when I went over to collect back my note and they told me their Manager "Jimmy" is not around. So they asked a Senior Engineer whose name is "Jason”, he told me that he can't do anything in a very unfriendly tone he then gave me their management's email " I have sent an email regarding the issue and there was no reply for their management.

    As you can see their poor professionalism especially their management in Singapore does not care for their consumers. It seems like they do not have the ability or capability to provide good services to their consumers perhaps in future those who bought the ASUS notebook and encounter the same like should make complains to their taiwan headquarters. ASUS is a small peanut in the IT world and their product quality is getting worse, SHAME ON THEM and they still have the cheek to sell their products across the globe. This comment goes out to those poor people who has been cheated by buying Asus notebooks, they should consider this low down brand before they purchase the ASUS notebook. I really want my money back from the dealer or sell my ASUS Notebook away to someone.

  • No
      23rd of Dec, 2009
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    They are just as bad to customers State side. I have only bought ASUS boards for all my builds since 1999. In their favor Asus has products with every imaginable specification and configuration set under the sun. And more times than not their stuff won’t fail but if it does, throw it out and set a match to the money. At least that way you’ll be able to salvage your time and spare yourself from wondering how you managed to end up in the inner most circle of Dante’s Inferno with Judas. After encountering countless bad support experiences (and no good ones to speak of) I am going to wash my hands of the company. To RMA their equipment is easy; it’s just too bad that you'll continually be sent faulty equipment as your replacement. And their support sucks. My call today was the final straw. I tried to upgrade a piece of equipment only to find that their product did NOT meet their publicized specs. In the end I was able to derive that Asus changed build specs mid-production run but kept the same model number. They marketed all devices emblazoned with the model number in question under the upgraded specs from the second run despite their open awareness that units from their earlier batch had gross hardware deficiencies that resulting in total incompatibilities with certain CPU families. I was unlucky enough to get sold a unit from the inferior portion of the production run under the guise that it would be in line with the later specifications and support certain processors it did not. (By the way I know my stuff and in the manuals and literature they made NO Rev A Rev B differentiation.) Since I didn’t discover the deception until after my warranty period ended ASUS’s tact was "too bad, so sad.” I spoke to a entry tech, a level 2 tech, and finally a low level supervisor middling manager with no authority. ASUS vigorously argued it wasn’t their problem or responsibility to cover this because it was outside of their warranty term. I am still scratching my head and trying to figure out what false advertising has to do with warranty periods? If I were a wealthier man with more discretionary income I’d love to have a lawyer pursue things out of shear principle. I am going to stop buying their products and will boycott the company to ever possible extent including discouraging my company from buying their products, buying pre-built systems that leverage their products, or from insuring their devices. (I am a senior IT guy for an insurer of tech products). They are burning a long time customer over a situation with no capital costs. More than that they misrepresented a product and won’t acknowledge they were wrong for it. Shows Asus has no business sense. They are just another example of a disjointed company in “Corporate America”. No one in the day to day operations has enough autonomy to actually assess situation and make decisions. I’m done with them.

  • Zi
      28th of Jan, 2010
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    I agree that ASUS has many bad things. They have bad service, but only to an extent. Getting a response from customer service is not a problem, but getting a solution is. Their main problem is product support and quality. I have had many issues with my laptop. 2 weeks after I purchased it, the computer overheated and failed to start up at all. I sent it in on warranty and the repair was made in a reasonable amount of time. It needed new thermal paste. Even after the repair the computer still gets very hot due to bad BIOS support from the company. The fan runs at high speeds even when the computer is doing no work. I "learned" to live with that until I upgraded my computer to windows 7. The computer is less than 1 year old. The computer came with Vista and has no support for XP. The company does not make Windows 7 drivers either. Even after contacting support multiple times complaining about their lack of product support all they can continue to say is "Sorry". I've started petition threads on the companies forum section of their site in hopes to get enough people on my side for them to do something. Everyone is right in that they turn a blind eye. Once the sale is made they could care less about product support and it seems to be last on their list.

    support response time and repair time: good

    system support (BIOS, drivers) and product quality: bad

  • Si
      4th of Feb, 2010
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    Strongly Agreed.
    I bought 2 each identical laptops A7T. One that is gently used got no boot (dead) before 1year. RMA fixed free. Just before 2year warranty ended, lcd display has a 2" vertical blankout on the right. RMA said it was my abused, it would cost me ~$350. After auguing w/ them, they agreed to fix it. When returned after a month, I found 1gb of ram I installed was missing. I called them and they said they escalated my case and were locating my ram. After more than 20 calls and 3 months elapsed, they told that they never saw the ram, TOUGH, CASE CLOSED, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.
    Right after 2 years, the other laptop has the same lcd blank stripe.
    I have another cheap Acer, almost 2 years, which has no problem yet.

  • Ti
      14th of Feb, 2010
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    My x80L Asus got broken within the span of two yrs, He broke himself because of the tight hinges. What a lost of hard earned money. I worked hard to buy this laptop that thas not lasts. And their customer service is ignorant as well. Buyer beware!

  • Si
      17th of Mar, 2010
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    ASUS & Besy Buy both have terrible Service !!!

  • Ta
      13th of Apr, 2010
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    Asus Cm5570 Desktop - JUNK
    United States

    Purchased ASUS desktop. It lasted a whole 3 weeks before it crashed. Bought at Best Buy. ASUS took 2 weeks to answer complaint only after I threatened a BBB and Ohio AG complaint. Then they wanted me to pay for shipping and maybe the repair would be 10 days, maybe not.

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