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Silicon Valley, CA, United States
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Asurion has processed to fraudulent claims on my account. Despite multiple calls, hours on the phone with both Sprint and Asurion, they:
1) Processed a second fraudulent claim, even though I gave instructions to Sprint & Asurion that there would only be one address that our phones would be shipped to, subsequently I changed all my passwords in March of 2017 when the first fraudulent deductible was charged to my bill.
2) They have yet to issue me a credit for the March 2017 fraud.
3) They processed a second fraudulent claim @ the beginning of June 2017. I now have a legitimate claim and they will not process.
4) They emailed me to call the Sprint claims number, I get a Verizon provider.
So far I've been charged $400 with no credit in sight. I cannot get to the right department with the information they provided- I've paid for insurance for years, now that I need it I cannot use it.
Neither Sprint (12 year customer) or Asurion (6 year customer) has offered any sort credit or compensation for the time and money wasted, I can't even get my $400.00 back.
There's something very wrong here.

Jun 10, 2017

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