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Asurion / replacement device and customer service

1 United States

I have had asurion protection on both mine and my husband phone for over 7 years. We pay for the most expensive plan feom asurion. I had to do a phone claim due to my phone getting broken due to an auto accident I was involved in a few months ago. I get the replacement phone today after paying $150 deductible and they sent me out a malfunctioning device. The screen dim doesn't want to work, the phone lags/freezes and it doesn't have my right time zone. I had not even activated the replacement phone yet and it was having issues from the get go. I called asurion 3x today. The first person i talked to i needed to get IMEI # and asked him to hold for just a second while i got tje #. He hung up on me. The second person was a lady and she told me i had to do troubleshooting which made no sense as I had just turned on phone and there was nothing to troubleshoot. The third person i talked to was a real jerk of a guy. I went through the pointless, ridiculous troubleshooting for the issues to continue. I asked if they could request a new device and he kept saying "no" and that my situation didn't warrant for a new device. I spoke to a supervisor who was a woman who told me that obviously asurion wasn't doing me a justice and for me to go into a store and pay FULL retail for the phone and once they got their device back i could submit to be reimbursed. That was unacceptable. I had told her I was simply requesting they send me a new device as there is a reason it's "refurbished" and i was already having issues with the device before i could even use it. This supervisor told me that I constantly and doing claims which isn't correct as your only allowed so many within a 12 month time frame. She told me I'm always calling once i get my replacement device with a issue. Its never the same issue, sometimes its because i didn't get all the parts to the phone, other reason is it's defective. I told her I don't control what they send out to me and its on the company since they keep sending defective devices to me and that obviously the refurbished phones were refurbished because the original owner had issues with the phone. I again explained I was simply requesting to get a new device not someones used garbage and that I've paid not only the deductible but spent hundreds of dollars with them over the years just paying for the protection on both my devices even when i don't use them. She then put me on hold for several minutes without checking in, would come back and put me back on hold for a minimum of 10 min without checking in with me. She then tells me they are sending out a replacement and that was the end of that. They refused to simply click a button to request a new device. They treated me like garbage all 3xs i called. I told her she was being extremely rude and she could care less! I have NOT been treated so poorly by a company for a long time until I had to deal with asurion tonight! I WILL be finding a different insurance for our phones, I WILL be letting my friends, family and co-workers know what piss poor service I received not once but 3 different times in ONE DAY! I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied with their services and devices they send out especially when you have to pay a large deductible and pay $13 a month for one device for over 7years! Something needs to be done as this is COMPLETELY not ok! Its a simple click of a button to request a new device!

  • Asurion Customer Care's Response, Jan 31, 2019

    I want to thank you for taking the time to contact us about your experience. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and want you to know Asurion's commitment to improve this matter to create a positive customer experience. Please contact our customer satisfaction department at 1-866-397-6496 discuss your concerns.



Jan 29, 2019

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