Astroway / Tara The Medium / Taking money under false pretences

Glasgow, Scotland, Strathclyde, United Kingdom Review updated:

I have been seriously duped by Tara the medium / Astroway and have paid out in excess of £750 to her. I have received nothing in return except a load of false predictions and plausible stories.
If you can do anything to help me recover at least some of the money I would be very grateful, but I also feel that something should be done to prevent other people falling into the same trap I did. Can her website be removed to stop others being taken in like me.


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  • Ma
      Oct 16, 2010
    Astroway - I do not know what this for
    United Kingdom

    I have a charge of £26. 65 for astroway and i do not have any recollection of this. Please help

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  • Jo
      Jan 12, 2011 and are 2 of many similar psychic scams on the net. They usually have banner ads that suck people in with free readings. They use automated replies and continue to pester people to give more money. Make complaints to google so that they cant advertise there. Also lodge complaints to appropriate bodies in you relevant country. I found a really good psychic at They are actually a real person and give cool readings. Have faith and take care.

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  • Dm
      Oct 01, 2011

    Hi John, I actually wanted to thank you for sharing that information for others. This tara woman has been emailing me for months everyday. I was not even aware she was scamming people. I somehow accidentally came across and couldnt believe how many complaints were claimed against her on the complaints board rss feed. this actually frightens me a little bit with her having my credit card number. so far, she hasnt ripped me off but today she was unusually pushy on a reading and that she needed the money to percure the tools. well i have all my receipts and her emails saved if i do get ripped off. thanks again and i'm going to check out that website you suggested. have a good one.

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  •   Nov 23, 2013

    How can we all form to sue for our money and emotional distress? I feel we as hopeful lost and vurnarable "customers" are entitled to more money for the fact that our personal contact information is not but should be protected if we are promised privacy protection as email users. Right?
    *Victims of this same scam should respond to this & are recommended!"

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