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I read online about the poor service of Astrill VPN but I didn't think much of them. Now I'm having problem myself with their service then I realized everything I read about how rude their customer service can be by just ignoring their customers is true.

I have been using Astrill VPN for a while without any problem and never had to contact their customer service. But the application suddenly stopped working after an upgrade. I asked for support. All I got was to download and re-install. I did that but that didn't resolve the issue. I tried contacting them again several times and no reply. They just ignored me. I tried to call, no answer. I tried online chat, no one is there. Email, no reply.

I'll let my subscription lapse and look for alternative.

Mar 18, 2016
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  • Sa
      Aug 01, 2016

    I think that your complaints wouldn't have reached them...

    It is not that they do not respond or help. They do respond and assist with all possible ways. I am also an Astrill user and I never faced no or rude response.

    Yeah... something similar happened to one of my friends; he was trying to contact them and getting no response then after reaching them on their social media he got to know that his mails were not reaching their inbox.

    So... this can be your scenario too.

    I always get a response, sometimes delayed response but always a response.

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