SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Aspect Maintenance Services [AMSL]exorbitant cost for common boilder repair service

The reason I submitted a formal complaint to Aspect is because I was overcharged for the boiler repair service I received. In addition to this, at no time was I warned or informed by the engineer that the repair would cost £1, 333.50. I was charged £162.00 for the engineer to come and diagnose the boiler fault the previous day. I did not dispute this charge. I am disputed the £1, 333.50 charged on the day of the repair (11/04/2017). I have a Vaillant Turbomax boiler and it was showing 'fault 28' which is a common fault on that type of boiler. According, to three, independent Vaillant experts rectifying the fault should have taken no more than 1 hour 15 minutes. The Aspect engineer charged me from 8:54 to 15:08 (6 hours). I believe he took advantage of the fact I was abroad. If I had known even an estimated cost close to this I would not have employed Aspect. I tried to negotiate paying half the labour charge, however, they advised that they were not in a position to do this.
£1, 333.50 is as much as I make in almost three weeks. To put salt in the wounds they accidentally overcharged me £162.00. They promised to refund my credit card, however, after almost two weeks going by without having seen my refund I had to get my bank involved. Very angry and disappointed with

May 16, 2017

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