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I contacted Ashra a few months ago regarding casting a spell to help me obtain a job. Additionally, a friend contacted her at the same time regarding a love situation. Ashra sent the same generic boiler plate email to my friend, and the same to me. She changed the names. She sent a note a few days after l contacted her asking if everything was ok.

Ashra is a scam artist, unfortunately, all she wants is your money. Ashra preys on innocent victims. Once you purchase a spell, Ashra sends a link letting you know that you need to purchase additional spells immediately to increase the energy. She follows up with a report of her analysis. Ashra will then inform you that things will change quickly.

Things to be aware of, anyone who claims to have the ability to change a person's destiny, should not remind you to read her reviews. Additionally, if you choose to JOIN Ashra's community of her loyal fans, she will send you guidelines on what to post. You cannot post any negative comments on her site. All posts are censored by Ashra.

If Ashra was gifted, why would she be worried about receiving negative reviews. Having done a thorough research on her background after l was blindsided, l found out that her real name is "Emily J. Cohen" from Colorado. She may be living in Australia now though; however, l received communication from her during business hours in the US. While this is not a good gauge to identify Ashra's residence, the tipping point was a week ago when l decided to purchase a psychic reading for $187.

After l purchased the reading, Ashra expected me to provide a detailed overview of why l wanted a reading. First of all, you consult a pyschic to seek knowledge on your present and future journey. Even though l decided to go through the process of providing Ashra my story, l was optimistic about the outcome.

I received an email from Ashra a few hours later informing me that she is in high demand. As such, there would be a two week waiting period for the reading. I responded to Ashra's email immediately requesting a refund. Within 20 minutes after l sent my response, Ashra responded back with a report claiming it was her "in depth" psychic reading. Basically, Ashra extracted information from my email. My questions were not answered, neither did she provide any timeline on my questions.

I am working with an Investigate Reporter to expose this woman. Consumers should be warned because there are people out there with issues consuting Ashra hoping to find solutions to their problems. People work hard, and it is sad that this woman has been practicing for 16 years. Ashra mentions on her website that she won "best SPELL CASTer" of the year in 2009. She has a photo of herself holding a tropy. A real SPELL CASTer will let the qality of their work dictate how they are percieved in the world. SPELL CASTers are judged by the people who consult them. The best medical doctors in the world do not advertise their services because they are in demand because of their excellence in providing the best care to their patients.

Ashra is not compassionate, l read reports that she sent after casting spells from seven friends who purchased various spells from her in the last two months. The content on these reports were identical, the only difference was that Ashra changed the names of the respective individuals.

Beware of Ashra'$ introduction email to you. Her opening sentence starts with " John Doe", are you okay? Did you get my first email, l am confident that l can solve your situation, but yoh need to act now".

Please do not waste your time, effort, or money on Ashra. While l was naive, and like many consumers out there, l wanted a job quickly. I believed in her; nevertheless, it's lessons learnt from this unfortunte encounter with this evil woman. We become better individuals and more aware after going through this experience.

Ashra will not run forever, and money will not buy her happiness.

Karma is a ###, Ashra! God is watching you.

Good riddance gifted SPELL CASTer.


May 11, 2017

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