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Psychic Amanda Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] Psychic Amanda / total scam please don't believe

Nov 09, 2018

I totally fell into the trap and clicked on the Amanda link. For a few days she was my best friend, messaging me everyday and yes she seemed to know so much about me including my past and my future. I'm a stroke survivor who lost my best friend 2 years ago and Amanda's promise of thi...

Psychic Amanda / online purchase for a spell casting and tarot reading

Aug 14, 2017

Psychic Amanda promised to cast a spell for me and also emailed a tarot reading she done for me. Nothing for the better has come to me nor did the tarot reading predict anything that was true or actually happened. I have emailed Psychic Amanda and let her know how unhappy I am with her...

Psychic Amanda / reading overcharged

Aug 13, 2017

Hello, I reluctantly agreed to pay for a $90 reading in advance. I was given a very vague / shirt reading less than 20 minutes. Also was felt pressured for a chakras cleaning service. To the tune of almost $400. I kindly refused. Relentless pressure nonetheless. My card was charged $125.00...

Psychic Amanda / psychic reading

May 02, 2017

Recently I spoke with Amanda. She was somewhat nice in tone but never gave direct answers to my questions. Everything was contingent on what happened next as if her crystal wasnt working. For example, if you go to work, you will keep your job but if you don't go to work then there is a...

Amandas Psychic Services / lady is a liar and does not provide the service promised


Promised an "in depth" crystal reading for $180.00. The psychic reading was under 30 minutes and was vague and shallow. She professes to have psychic abilities but she does not. She requires you to "pre-pay" her. She requires you to come in her office secretly in the backdoor like she i...

Psychic Amanda / fraud/scam


When I first spoke with amanda she seemed very nice and helpful. She gave me great advice or what I thought was good advice but I guess it was really just what I wanted to hear. After I got a reading, she told me that she could help me and it would cost more money. To be exact a lot of...