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We purchased this and a warranty for 5 years. I noticed tearing on a cushion and filed a warranty claim. After many phone calls I finally found it we were denied a repair or replacement. It is under [protected]. We did not want a new sofa or monies, just a new cushion. We didn't even know it was not leather and found out it was pleather which we never heard of. When we asked why we weren't told the manager of that store said they don't have to tell you. We would never have bought it if we know it was not leather. Since we have been denied any satisfaction my husband who is 86 and has Alzimers disease and myself 78 and in a wheel chair intend to go there to the University store on the next sale day or before and sit outside with the cushion and tell people what they have done. Also we have a web site called NextDoor in Charlotte, NC which have a following of 14, 078 people right now. We already on the site and lo and behold so many complaints on the store. One couple is coming to my home to help me fight you and another has given me the name of a news person on the Charlotte Observer to contact which I will. Shame on this store for treating the elderly this way and lying to us.

Nov 20, 2017
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  • Sh
      Nov 20, 2017

    There are different levels or qualities of leather. Not that I would side with Ashley, but I wouldn't think it would be incumbent on any retailer to educate the consumer about everything they may want to know about a product. Think about someone entering a store, pointing to a couch and saying that is what I'd like. Would you think the retailer should be required to question the customer, making sure they knew the material the product was made of?

    With all of that said, what difference does it make? Is Ashley not able to repair the cushion?

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  • Po
      Nov 21, 2017

    They most likely would have informed you of the type of material if you had asked directly. They must assume otherwise that the customer is somewhat knowledgeable about the product they chose. It's unfortunate that they won't cover the damage to the cushion. Have you checked to see if you could pay for a repair or a new cushion only? Maybe they would consider offering this at a discount.

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