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I was mislead by an enrollment advisor who after looking at my college transcripts saying the I was very close to obtaining my AA (approximately 20 credits) and confirmed to me not one time but over five times in numerous different phone conversation that my Pell Grant was good. I had told him I lost the second income beging to behind in payments and that the only reason I was going to college becuase of the Pell Grant. He told me I had to apply for a loan and that it was part of the process. (This is the important key factory) I TOLD HIM I CANNOT AFFORD ANY LOAN AND AGAIN THE REASON I WAS GOING TO COLLEGE BECAUSE OF THE PELL GRANT. HE TOLD ME IT WAS ONLY PART OF THE PROCESS AND LOAN WOULD ONLY COVER WHAT THE GRANT COULD NOT COVER (GOING OVER THE AMOUNT OF THE PELL GRANT $5, 000), AND I HAD CONTROL OF THE PAYMENT TO THE SCHOOL FROM PELL GRANT TO LOAN. I ASKED AGAIN IS MY PELL GRANT IS GOOD BECUASE I DID NOT WANT ANY SUPRISES. MY ENROLLMENT ADVISOR TOLD ME LOOKING AT MY PELL GRANT THAT IT WAS GOOD. I completed all the forms attended school and toward the end of the first class I was contacted by the financial department that my pell grant was not good. I told them my situation and they told me to reapply and wait for two weeks and don't contact them becuase they are busy. I waited and attended my second class and was contacted by the acdemic advisor who told me that they would only accept out of 90 credits they would only accept 12 credits for my AA but I could go for my BA and they would accept 60 credits (of course I would pay more for each credit. . . more money for them). I dropped out. I have been mislead from the begining when I asked them about my pell grant being ok, my college credits being ok, and now I am in class nothing is ok. Please email me [protected] My name is joseph ybarra and I have been fighting them. I have the bbb and the Iowa State Attorney General involved. I have and continue to contact the news to report this incident. I will not quite and hope I have people similar to me that need help fighting Ashford Unversity and put a stop to them. Unit and we can make a difference. BBB have approximately 112 complaints on Ashford Unveristy within the last 3 years and Iowa State Attorney General have approximately 34 complaints in 2011 on Ashford Unveristy. Please Email me [protected]

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  • Al
      Mar 19, 2013

    I too was wronged by Ashford University. You can read what happened at and can contact via there or the message feature here. Please contact me as I am working on stopping this company from doing it to anyone else! For those that do not want to read the blog, simply put: two months AFTER I completed all my required courses and paid for my graduation I was charged a fee. A fee of which was not legit and I was never contacted about it.

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  • Ke
      Apr 25, 2013

    contact me via email [protected]

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