Asda / wine bottle holders - fresh veg - cust service

Kendal, England, Cumbria, United Kingdom

The wine bottle holders and positively unsafe with the holder breaking when we were emptying the car! in blizzard conditions last week! The veg. offered were poor at best -and onions/limes were brown - ughs! The check out lady was too busy chatting to her friend and took 15 mins + to scan through things i would have taken 5 to do! the Customer service guys re not really interested and a promised call back from the Manager did not materialise - On calling again the second CS rep. was not really interested and suggested that they make no guarantees of the holders or any packaging! APPALLING! and shameful - DO NOT SHOP AT ASDA - the M&S is equally well priced - youd buy better quality and at least eat everything - BOOTHS is great - and well priced - staff are interested. DO NOT bother with ASDA ! really poor service and food!

Mar 28, 2013

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