Arwyp Medical Centreway I was treated when my mother just died

Mom died in your hospital on 1 sept 2015. I raced there after the message that she was dying. Me and my 5yr old daughter got there, was informed my mom died 2 min ago. Went in and we weren't left alone with my mom. I was in a state but couldn't cry cause of my child. My mom just died ffs I couldn't think or comprehend... Why can't the staff give me 5min with my mama alone to just... I dunk what? She watched me like a cop, my every move, I felt so unwelcome and uncomfortable that I told my baby to quickly say bye to gran & rather let's go. I'm only getting better from this whole trauma now after 3 yes, & I don't think its nice what you're people does to us. Im going to court for the time your staff caused me to lose with my mom at her last no ents. Its not right, seriously its [censored]in wrong. She was my mom!!! Why was I treated like a intruder??? U [censored]ed up my head completely!!!

  • Updated by Carin Cilliers, May 29, 2018

    I have medical reports from my psychiatrist stating that the fact I wasn't allowed time alone with my dead mother to make peace and say goodbye, [censored] me up mentally, so bad that I gained 40kg in a year, withdrew from society & tried to [censored] because of that. Its not right, she was my mama & some African nurse stopped me from my time with my mom. I'm going the legal route it's caused me tremendous mental issues its not fair.

May 29, 2018

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