Arwyp Medical Centre Complaints & Reviews

Arwyp Medical Centre / service

Aug 05, 2019

I was admitted at Arwyp, firstly I would like to say I know Arwyp to be the best private hospital compared to the ones I have been to, But i was admitted twice in July and I must say that things are not the way they used to be.Night stuff at casualty are not so welcoming at all, Not...

Arwyp Medical Centre / bad service

Jan 29, 2019

I brought my daughter (Peyton Kiara Bouwer) in on Saturday 26 January 2019, she had blood shot tonsils now there were 3 doctors on stand by its not Dr brown or the male Dr it was the other female Dr. She came and checked my daughter said it's tonsillitis and she will give her a antibiotic...

Arwyp Medical Centre / very bad service

Jan 15, 2019

My husband was admitted for spinal chord surgery. I thank God it went well compared to the service i received. A customer service consultant at the 10yh Floor her name Sindiswa, i went there to check my husbands bag and toiletry as he left the ward to go to Theater and ICU. I politely...

Arwyp Medical Centre / way I was treated when my mother just died

May 29, 2018

Mom died in your hospital on 1 sept 2015. I raced there after the message that she was dying. Me and my 5yr old daughter got there, was informed my mom died 2 min ago. Went in and we weren't left alone with my mom. I was in a state but couldn't cry cause of my child. My mom just died ffs I...

Arwyp Medical Centre / Service level of the doctors

Jan 26, 2016

To whom it may concern: I am writing to raise my concern regarding the Dr Wypkema unprofessional service. It never ceases to amaze me that the account requires urgent payment thereof, however when it comes to the patient they see, there seems no urgency or as a matter of fact no interest...

Arwyp / Bad service

Mar 27, 2014

I was assisted by Clive who lacked courtesy, he said you Short 41c I proposed 2 fetch it frm my car, he said the cashier will sort it out, he did not bother 2 explain how I should take my medication, I went to pay by the cashier (Tracey) who was rude enough 2 say "what are you saying", I...